ZOOBII A7 Overspeed Alarm Displacement Alarm GPS Tracker

ZOOBII A7 Overspeed Alarm Displacement Alarm GPS Tracker

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1.Waterproof design.
2.Voice monitor.
3.Overspeed alarm.
4.Shake alarm:after set this function,if the tracker keep stationary for 5 minutes, this function will start working.
Then once the tracker get shocked,it will send a massage to you.
5.Low battery alarm:tracker will send alarm information to you when the voltage lower than 3.5V.
6.Real-time online tracking via web server and APP.
7.Remote flameout: When the car is in motion, it will immediately stop only with a slight press on the button.
8.Displacement alarm: You will receive alarm message once movement occurred to your car.

Operation time:5Hours.
Gravity sensor: built-in BOSCH three-axis.
ACC: In support of ACC detection,relay control.
Power Supply:12V-90V.
Network:GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz  WIFI 802.11b/n/g.
LED Indicator: GPS(Green) GSM(Blue)
SIM/USIM Interface: Mincro SIM.

Package Included:
1 X ZOOBII A7 GPS Tracker