IT Terminology Dictionary

Description type
1xRTT single carrier Radio Transmission Technology network
2T2R 2 Transmit 2 Receive network
3DM 3D-Memory memory
A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile bluetooth
AA Accuview Antialiasing image
AAC Advanced Audio Coding audio
AACS Advance Access Contect System graphics
AAS Auto Area Segmentation scanner
AASC Advanced Access Content System
ABLE Adaptive Batter Life Extender hdd
ABS Auto Balance System optical
AC-3 Audio Coder -3 audio
ACB auto contrast balance camera
ACE Advanced Color-Contrast Enhancement notebook
ACE Attempto Controlled English display
ACE Asynchronous Compute Engine graphics
ACL Access Control List network
ACL Asynchronous Connection-Less network
ACM Advanced Cable Management chasis
ACPi Advanced Configuration and Power Interface bios
ACR Advanced Communications Riser scanner
ACR Advanced Contents Recognition display
ACS Advance Access Contect display
ADC Analog-to-Digital Converters tv-tuner
ADC ATA Disk Chip flash memory
ADD Advanced Digital Display image
ADF Automatic Document Feeder printer
ADM ATA Disk Module flash memory
ADMB Advanced Digital Media Boost processor
ADS microsoft Active Directory service network
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line network
AEC Acoustic Echo Cancellation audio
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AES Auto Electronic Shutter network
AFA All Flash Array storage
AFC Anti-Ferromagnetically Coupled storage
AFD ATA Flash Drive flash memory
AFFM Air Flow Field Modification optical
AFH Adaptive Frequency Hopping network
AFM Adaptec Flash Module raid
AFR Alternative Frame Rendering display
AFR Annualized Failure Rate
AFS Anti Flutter System optical
AFT Adapter Fault Tolerance network
AFT Advanced Format Technology storage
AGC Auto Gain Control network
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port
AGU Address Generator Units processor
AH Authentication Header network
AHCi Advanced Host Controller interface chipset
AiAF Artifical intelligence Auto Focus camera
AiMM Agp In-line Memory Module memory
AiR Automatic Image Refinement printer
AiSYS Aspectual Illumination System display
AiT Advance Intelligent Tape storage
ALB Adaptive Load Balancing network
ALG Application Layer Gateway network
ALM Application Layer Gateway audio
ALT Analog Loop Transformation audio
ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit processor
AMB Advanced Memory Buffer memory
AMT Active Management Technology chipset
ANSi American National Standards Institute
AP Access Point network
APCDT Advanced Precision Colour Distribution Technology printer
APi Application Progamming Interface
APM Actions Per Minute input
APM Advanced Power Management network
APP Accident Protection Pervention memory
APS Advanced Photo System image
APS Advanced Profiling Solution display
APU Audio Processoring Unit chipset
ARC Aspect Ratio Control display
ARC Audio Return Channel HDMi
ARDF Automatic Reversing Document Feeder printer
ARSC Audio Rts Signal Control io
ASA American Standards Association image
ASC Advanced Smart Cache processor
ASCii Amercain Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASD Advanced Symmetry Die-bonding audio
ASiC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASP Active Server Page
ASPM Active State Power Management network
AT Anti-Theft motherboard
ATA AT Attachment ide
ATA Advanced Technology Attachment storage
ATCM Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture network
ATiP Absolute Time In Pre-groove optical
ATRAC Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding
ATX Advanced Technology eXpanding form factor
AVB Audio-Video-Bridging network
AVCHD Advanced Video Codec High Definition video
AVi Audio Video Interface image
AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator ups
AVRCP Audio/Video Remote Control Profile bluetooth
AVRS Auto Vibration Reducing System optical
AVT Accelerated Video Transcoding graphics
AVX Advanced Vector Extensions processor
AWB Auto White Balance network
AXioM Advanced eXpress I/O Module notebook
BASH Bridged Amplified / Switching Hybrid audio
BASiC Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code language
BBS Bulletin Board System
BBU Batery Back-up Unit raid
BCC Blind-Courtesy Copy email
BCD Bi-stable Cholesteric Display
BER Bit Error Rate network
BGA Ball Grid Array
BiOS Basic Input/Output System motherboard
BiP Basic Imaging Profile image
BLC Back-Light Compensation camera
BMC Baseboard Management Controller motherboard
BMi Baseboard Management Controller motherboard
BMP Bit Manipulation instructions processor
BoP Brown-Out Protection power
BPP Bi-direction Parallel Port printer
BPS Bit Per Second
BSP BitStream Processor graphics
BTX Balanced Technology eXtended form factor
BTX-SRM BTX-Support Retention Module chasis
CABAC Context Adaptive Variable Length Coding graphics
CAP Carrierless Am/Pm network
CAPT Canon Advanced Printing Technology printer
CAS Column Address Strobe memory
CAV Constant Angular Velocity optical
CAVLC Context Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding graphics
CBC Cipher-Block Chaining Encryption
CC Carbon Copy email
CCD Charge Coupled Device camera
CCFL Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light
CCK Complementary Code Keying network
CD Compact Disc
CDB Command Descriptor Block storage
CDC Continuous Direct Contact thermal
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDN Content Delivery Networks storage
CDR Compact Disc - Recordable
CD-ROM Compact Disc Read Only Memory
CDRW CD- ReWritable
CF Compact Flash memory
CFAA Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing vga
CGA Color Graphic Adapter
CGi Common Gateway Interface
CiF Common Intermediate Format
CiFS Common Internet File System network
CiRA Client Initiated Remote Access motherboard
CiS Contact Image Sensor scanner
CiSC Complex Instruction Set Computing
CLiP Command Line Interface raid
CLiP Chip Level Internet Protocol network
CLV Constant Linear Velocity optical
CMOS Complementary Metal-Ox-ide Semiconductor camera
CMS Cpolor Management System scanner
CMSS Creative MultiSpeaker Surround audio
CMYK Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK
COB Chip-Ob-Board flash
COBOL Common Business Orientated     Language language
COBRA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
COP Cpu Overheating Protection motherboard
CPCA Canon Peripheral Controller Architecture printer
CPGA Creamic Pin Grid Array processor
CPi Count Per Inch
CPR Cpu Parameter Recall motherboard
CPR Cpu Parameter Recall motherboard
CPRM Content Protection for Recordable Media flash memory
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check storage
CRT Cathode Ray Tube monitor
CSA Communication Streaming Architecture motherboard
CSi Common System Interconnect processor
CSi Common Socket Interface processor
CSP Chip Scale Package memory
CSS Cascading Style Sheet
CTP Cordless Telephy Profile network
CTS Clear To Send network
D3D Direct 3D
DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting audio
DAC Digital to Analog Converters audio
DADF Duplex Automatic Document Feeder printer
DAE Digital Audio Extraction optical
DAO Disc-At-Once optical
DAR Digital Active Resizing projector
DAS Direct Attach Storage
DASP Dynamic Adaptive Speculative Pre-processor image
DASP Disk Anti-Shock Protection notebook
DAT Digital Audio Tape storage
DAVE Digital Audio Video Experience storage
DBMS DataBase Management System
DBS Demond Based Switchig processor
DC Duty Cycle
DCA Direct Cache Access network
DCB Data Center Bridging network
DCC Digital Content Creation image
DCC Direct Cable Connection
DCE Digital Chroma Enhancement image
DCE Digital Contrast Enhancer display
DCH Direct Contact Heatpipes thermal
DCM Digital Contrast Mapping display
DCR Dynamic Color Rendition scanner
DDi Distributed Detection and Interface network
DDi Digital Display Interface display
DDMA Discrete Digital Multi-point Audio audio
DDNS Dynamic Domian Name System network
DDR Double Data Rate
DDS Digital Data Storage storage
DDS Dynamic Damping System optical
DDSS Double Dynamic Suspension System optical
DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DEP Data Execution Prevention processor
DES Data Encryption Standard
DFC Digital Fine Contrast display
DFGT Dual Frequency Graphics Technology image
DFS Double Floating Suspension optical
DFSTN Double Film Super Twisted Nematic display
DFT Drive Fitness Test storage
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHSi Dedicated High-Speed Interconnects processor
DHTML Dynamic HTML internet
DHX Dual-path Heat eXchange memory
DiB Dual Independ Bus processor
DiGiC DiGital Image Core camera
DiVX Digital Video eXpress image
DLNA Digial Living Network Alliance network
DLP Digital Light Processing
DLT Digital Linear Tape storage
DMA Direct Memory Access
DMA Digital Media Adapter network
DME De-Military Zone network
DMH Ddr Memory Hub
DMS Digital Media Server network
DMT Discrete MultiTone network
DNB Dedicated Network Bus motherboard
DNiE Digital Natural Image-enhancement display
DNP Dial-up Networking Profile network
DNR Digital Noise Reduction tv-tuner / camera
DNS Domian Name System
DOS Denial of Service network
DTCP Digital Transmission Content Protection
DPi Dot Per Inch
DPOF Digital Print Order Format camera
DPS Data Protection System hdd
DPST Display Power Saving Technology power
DQS Bidirectional Data Strobe memory
DRC Dynamic Range Control audio
DREAM Dynamic Repositioning of Enhanced Audio and Music audio
D3S3D DirectSound3D audio
DSA Diamond cutting Sand blasting Anodizing material
DSD Direct Stream Digital audio
DSDC Dual Socket Direct Connect processor
DSE Dual Slot Enclosure audio
DRM Digital Right Management flash memory
DSL Dual Stress Liner processor
DSP Digital Signal Processor hdd
DSP Delivery Service Partner software
DVMT Dynamic Video Memory Technology display
DVO Digital video output image
DWPD Drive Writes per Day storage
EAGLE Environment Audio Graphical Librarian Editor
EAM Electronic Accounting Machine
EAROM Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory
EAX Environment Audio eXtension audio
EBR Enter BeaRing thermal
ECC Error Correction Codes
ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptography encryption
ECM Error Correction Mode fax
ECP Extended Capabilities Ports printer
EDA Enhanced Dynamic Acceleration processor
EDB Exexcute Disable Bit processor
EDGE Enhanced Data for Global Evolution network
EDO Extended Data Output processor
EDR Enhanced Data Rate network
EDS Extreme Dual Stereo audio
EESA Energy Efficient System Architecture
EFi Extensible Firmware Interface bios
EFS Encrypting File System file format
EGA Ehanced Graphics Adapter image
EHC Enhanced Host Controller
EHRCBS Enternal Hardware Raid Controller Based Storage raid
EiDE Enhanced IDE
EiS Electronic Image Stabilizer image
EiSA Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EiST Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology processor
ELQ Ever Lasting Quiet thermal
EM64T Extended Memory 64 Technology processor
EMBM EnvironMental Bump Mapping image
EMi Electro-Magnetic Interference electronics
EMM Expanded Memory Manager memory
EMS Expanded Memory Specification memory
ENC Environmental Noise Cancellation audio
EPG Electronic Programming Guide video
EPiC Explict Parallel Instruction Computing
EPO Emergency Power Off ups
EPOC Elevated Package Over CSP memory
EPP Enhanced Parallel Port printer
EPP Enhanced Performance Profiles memory
EPROM Erasable Programable Read Only Memory
EPT Extended Page Tables processor
EPU Energy Processing Unit motherboard
ERC Error Recovery Control hdd
EROM Erasable Read Only Memory memory
ERP Enterprise Resource Planing chipset
ERPS Ethernet Ring Protection Switching network
ESA Enthusiast System Architecture platform
ESAA Enabled Server Acceleration Alliance motherboard
ESCD Extendend System Configuration Data
ESD ElectroStatic Discharge
ESP Extra Sensory Protection hdd
ESP Encapsulating Security Payload network
ESP Enhanced Sonic Perecetpion audio
ESP Efficient Switching Power power
ESR Equivalent Series Resistance electronics
EVA Ethilene Vynil Acetate material
EVD Enhanced Versatile Disc optical
EVDO EVolution Data Only network
EVP Enhanced Virus Protection processor
EVP Extended Voltage Protection memory
EU Execution Unit graphics
EULA End-User License Agreement
EWS Embedded Web Server printer
FADD Floating decimal point ADDdition processor
FAQ Frequent Asked Question
FARE Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement scanner
FAT File Allocation Table file format
FAU Film Adapter Unit scanner
FB-DiMM Fully-Buffered Dual Inline Memory Module memory
FBT Fast Boot Technology chipset
FCBGA Flip Chip Ball Grid Array chipset
FCL Focus Colour Luminance camera
FCG FET Cooling Guide thermal
FCOT First Copy Output Time printer
FDB Fluid Dynamic Bearing hdd
FDC Floppy Disk Controller
FDD Floppy Disk Drive
FDD2 Frequency Directed Dual Driver audio
FDE Full Disk Encryption storage
FDi Flexible Display Interface graphics
FDS Floating Damper Suspension optical
FEC Fast EtherChannel network
FET Field Effect Transistor
FFS Flash File System flash memory
FFSTN double Film Super Twisted Nematic display
FHSS Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum network
FiFO First In-First Out
FiH Foreign Interface Harness printer
FiNE Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering printer
FiPS Federal Information Processing Standard storage
FLASH-OFDM Fast Low-latency Accesswith Seamless Handoff Orthogonal Frequency Division Mutiplexing network
FLOPS Floating-Point Operations Per Second processor
FMA Fast Memory Access motherboard
FMS Flexible Mounting Structure
FMUL Floating decimal point MULtiplication processor
FNA Flexible Network Architecture network
FND Flexible Numeric Display display
FP Fax Profile network
FPDMA First Priority DMA storage
FPP Flexible Port Partitioning network
FPS Frames Per Second image
FPU Floating Point Unit
FSAA Full Screen Anti-Aliasing display
FSB Front Side Bus
FSB Fluid Shiled Bearing thermal
FTP File Transfer Profile network
FTTH Fiber To The Home network
FVD Forward Versatile Disc optical
FXAA Fast approXimate Anti-Aliasing graphics
FWB Fixed Wireless Broadband network
GAAP generally accepted accounting principles
GAP Generic Access Profile network
GDT Glass Direct Texture hdd
GEC Gigabit EtherChannel network
GFSK Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying network
GOEP Generic Object Exchange Profile network
GPC Graphics Processing Clusters image
GPRS General Packet Radio Service network
GPU Graphics Processing Units image
GS Geometry Shader graphics
GSM Global System for Mobile communication network
GUi Graphic User Interface
HAER Host Attached Enternal Raid raid
HAF High Air Flow chassis
HAiRS Host Attached Internal Raid System raid
HAMR Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording storage
HBA Host Bus Adapter storage
HBM High Bandwidth Memory memory
HCET High Capacity Extrusion Technique thermal
HCNA Home Cable Network Alliance network
HCT Hi-resolution Compression Technology image
HCRP Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile printer
HDCP High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection display
HD-DAi High definition Dedicated Audio Interface audio
HDB Hydro-Dynamic Bearing thermal
HDF High-Density Foam material
HDMi High Definition Multimedia Interface graphics
HDR High Dynamic Range display
HDRM High-Density Rack-Mount
HDT Heatpipe Direct Touch thermal
HDTV High-Definition Television image
HDVP High-Definition Video Processor image
HEC Hdmi Ethernet Channel HDMi
HET High Endurance Technology storage
HiD Human Interface Device input
HiS Intergrated Heat Spreader processor
HLC High-Light Compensation camera
HLSL High Level Shading Language graphics
HNP Host Neogtiation Protocol network
HPBW Half Power Beam Width. network
HPDR High Precision Dynamic Range graphics
HPNA Home Phone Network Alliance network
HRAA High-Resolution Antialiasing image
HS Headset Profile network
HS-MMC High Speed MMC flash memory
HSC Heat Source Contact thermal
HSPA High-Speed Packet Access network
HSDPA High-Speed Downlink Packet Access network
HSUPA High-Speed Upload-link Packet Access network
HT Hyper-Threading processor
i/O Input/Output image
i/OAT I/O Acceleration Technology network
iAMT Intel Active Management Technology motherboard
iAPC Instantly Available PC
iBA InfiniBand Adaptor
iCE Image Correction Enhancement scanner
iCE Image Clear Enhancement monitor
iCE Integrated Cooling Engine thermal
iCH I/o Controller Hub motherboard
iCM Intel Core Microarchitecture processor
iCMP Internet Control Message Protocol network
iCND Intrgrated Cooling & Noise control Design display
iCP Internet Content Provider network
iCR Ir-Cut Removable camera
iDA Intel Dynamic Accelerator processor
iDE Integrated Drive Electronics
iDS Intrusion Detection System network
iEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Enigneers
iEM in-ear monitors audio
iFP Image Focusing Plate audio
iFS Inter Frame Spacing network
iGMP Internet Group Management Protocol network
iGP Integrated Graphics Processor chipset
iGZO Indium gallium zinc oxide display
iHD Interactive Heat transfer Design thermal
iHS Integrated Heat Spreader processor
iKE Internet Key Exchange network
iLM Independent Loading Mechanism processor
iLP Instruction Level Parallelism
iMC Integrated Memory controller processor
ioP IO Processor
ioPS Input / Output Operations Per Second storage
iP Intercomm Profile network
iPC Instructions per Clock processor
iPC Intelligent Power Capability processor
iPM Image Per Minute scanner
iPP Internet Printing Protocol
iPS In-Plane Switching display
iPS Inch Per Second input
iPT Intel Identity Protection motherboard
iS Image Stabilizer camera
iSA Industry Standard Architecture
iSAPS Intelligent Scene Analysis based on Photographic Space photo
iST Intel SpeedStep Technology processor
JBOD Just a Bunch Of Disk raid
JiT Just-In-Time hdd
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol network
LAN Local Area Network network
LAP Lan Access Profile network
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LBA Logical Block Address storage
LBD LoopBack Detection network
LLBA Long Logical Block Address storage
LCoS Liquid Crystal on Silicon display
LCQ Lagacy Command Queuing hdd
LCT Liquid Crystal Tilt optical
LDB Loop Dynamic Bearing thermal
LDCM LANDesk® Client Manager software
LDPC Low Density Parity Check flash memory
LDT Lightning Data Transport processor
LEAP Lightweight Extensible Authentictation Protocol network
LED Light Emitting Diode display
LFN Long File Name file format
LGA Land Grid Array processor
LiDE Led InDirect Exposure scanner
LiDiL Lightweight Imaging Device Interface Language printer
LiFC Low Insertion Force Connector hdd
LiMAD LInear MAgnetic Drive audio
LLDP Link Layer Discovery Protocol network
LLR Lag and Latency Reduction network
LLSL Low Level Shading Language graphics
LMA Lightspeed Memory Architecture image
LMF Lower Frequency Mode processor
LoD Lift Off Distance mouse
LoS Line Of Sight network
LPD Laser Projection Display display
LPi Lines Per Inch
LTF Lateral Firing Transducer audio
LTO Linear Tape Open storage
LUR Load / Unload Ramp hdd
LUT Look-Up-Table printer
MAC Media Address Control network
MAF Multimedia Application Format video
mAh MilliAmps Hour battery
MAP Mobile AGP Package image
MBA Managed Boot Agent network
MBR Master Boot Record hdd
MBWA Mobile Broadband Wireless Access network
MCA Micro Channel Architecture
MCAD Mechanical Computer-Aided Design graphics
MCDi Multimedia Content Description Interface video
MCH Memory Control Hub chipset
MCM Multi-Chip Module processor
MCP Multi-Chip Package processor
MCP Media & Communications Processor chipset
MCP-T Media & Communications Processor - Turbo chipset
MDC multi display control display
MDF Medium Density Fiberboard speaker
MDFR Memory Device Failure Recovery chipset
MEBF Mean Exchange Between Failure
MEC Memory Expansion Card memory
MET Memory Enhancement Technology printer
MFB Multi-Function Buttons gaming
MHL Mobile High-definition Link display
MiC Memory In Cassette storage
MiC Many Integrated Core processor
MiD Mobile Internet Device
MiMO Multiple Input Multiple output network
MiPS Million Instructions Per Second processor
MLC Multi-Level Cell flash memory
MMC Multi-Media Card flash memory
MMO Massively multiplayer Online gaming
MOBA Multiplayer Online Battle Arena gaming
MoDT Mobile On DeskTop platform
MoSFET Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor electronics
MP3 Mpeg audio layer 3
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group video
MPJ Multiple-heatpipe Pressing Joints thermal
MPS Multi-Processor Specification processor
MPT Memory Pipeline Technology chipset
MRAM Mangnetoresisitive Random Access Memory memory
MRT Memory Reduction Technology printer
MS Memory Stick memory
MSiD Market Segment ID processor
MSi-X Message Signal Interrupt eXtension network
MST Multi-Stream Transport graphics
MST Multiple Streaming Technology video
MST Matrix Storage Technology storage
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure
MTD Memory Technology Drive flash memory
MTTR Mean Time To Repair
MVA Multi-domain Vertical Alignment display
MVBF Mean Volume Between Failure
MXM Mobile pci-eXpress Module notebook
NAPT Network Address and Port Translation network
NAS Network Attached Storage storage
NAT Network Address Translator network
NCAT Noise Cancelling and Amplification Technology audio
NCH No-Clock-Head hdd
NCQ Native Command Queuing hdd
ND Neutral Density camera
NDAS Network Direct Attached Storage storage
NFC Network Field Communication network
NFS Network File System network
NFV Network Functions Virtualization network
NGFF Next Generation Form Factor SSD
NiS Network Information Service network
NKRO N Key RollOver input
NLB Network Load Balancing network
NLE Non-Linear Editing image
NLo No Load Operation power
NLoS Non Line Of Sight network
NoS Non-delay Overclocking system motherboard
NPP Network Protocol Processors network
NSR NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer image
NSS Non-Scratch SATA storage
NTFS New Technology File System file format
NTP Network Time Protocol network
NTSC National Televsion Standards Committee
NUMA Non-Uniform Memory Access processor
NVCC NVidia CUDA Compiler display
NVM Non-Volatile Memory memory
NVMHCi Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface memory
NVo Network Virtualization Overlays network
OAM Operations Administration Maintenance network
OBDR One Button Diaster Recovery storage
OCD Off-Chip Driver memory
OCE Online Capacity Expansion raid
OCP Over Current Protection power
OCP Over Charge Protection power
ODCE On Die Calibration Engin memory
ODP Over Discharge Protection power
ODT On Die Termination memory
OFC Oxygen-Free Cable cable
OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OHCi Open Host Controller Interface usb
OiS Optical Image Stabilizer camera
OLAP On-Line Analytical Processing hdd
OLED Organic LED image
OLGA Organic Land Grid Array processor
OLP Over-Load Protection power
OLTP On-Line Transaction Processing hdd
ONFi Open Nand Flash Interface flash memory
OPC Optimum Power Control optical
OPGA Organic Pin Grid Array
OPP Object Push Profile network
OPP Over Power Protection power
OSD On Screen graphics image
OSi Open System Interconnection network
OSPM Operating System-directed Power Management bios
OTES Outside Thermal Exhaust System motherboard
OTFT Organic Thin-Film Transistor lcd
OTP Over Temperature Protection power
OTS Over Temperature Shutdown processor
OTS Optimal Tuning Strategy optical
OVF optical viewfinder camera
OVP Over Voltage Protection power
PAL Phase Alternating Line
PAM Promise Array Management raid
PAN Personal Area Network network
PAP Programmable Audio Pipeline audio
PASR Partial Array Self-Refresh memory
PAT Performance Acceleration Technology motherboard
PAT Port Address Translation network
P-CAV Partial Constant Angular Velocity optical
PBDE PolyBrominated Diphenyl Ether
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCF Percentage Closer Filtering vga
PCH Platform Controller Hub processor
PCi Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCM Phase Change Memory memory
PCMCiA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PDC Primary Digital Control audio
PDL Printer Description Language printer
PDM Predictive Disk Migration storage
PDP Plasma graphics Panel image
PECi Platform Environment Control Interface processor
PFC Power Factor Correction power
PGA Pin Grid Array
PHY PHysical laYer network
PiF PRINT Image Framer printer
PiFA Planar Inverted-F Antenna network
PiM Print Image Matching printer
PiN Personal Indentification Number
PiP Picture In Picture video
PiP Product In Package memory
PiR Passive InfRaed security
PJL Printer Job Language printer
PLC Power Line Communication network
Pli Power Loss Imminent storage
PLL Phase-locked loop memory
PLS Plane to Line Switching display
PML Printer Management Language printer
PMR Prependicular Magnetic Recording storage
PNG Portable Network Graphics image
PoC Power on configuration processor
PoE Power Over Ethernet network
PoH Power On Hours
POP Picture Out of Picture video
POST Power On Self Test
POWEREC Plextor Optimised Writing Error REduction Control optical
PPi Pixels Per Inch image
PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol network
PPU Physics Processing Unit graphics
PQET Print Quality Enhancement Technology printer
PQi Picture Quality Index display
PRML Partial Response Maximum Likelihood storage
PS Pixel Shader graphics
PSi Power Status Indicator processor
PSK Pre-Shared Key network
PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient
PtMP Point to Multi-Point network
PTP Picture Transfer Protocol camera
PTP Point-to-Point network
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuits network
PVT Pacifica Virtualisation Technology processor
PWL Preemptive Wear Leveling storage
PWM Pulse Width Modulation thermal
PXE Preboot eXecution Environment network
QARE Quick Automatic Retouching and Enhancement scanner
QAS Quick Arbitration and Selection storage
QBM Quad Band Memory
QiC Quarter-Inch Cartidge storage
QoS Quality of Service network
QPB Quad Pumped Bus processor
QPi Quick Path Interconnect
QST Quiet System Technology motherboard
QSV Quick Sync Video motherboard
RAFF Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward storage
RAiD Redundant Array of Independent Disk drives storage
RAiSE Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements storage
RAM Random Access Memory
RAS Row Address Strobe memory
RBE Render Back-Ends display
RCM Real Color Management display
REL Right Expression Language video
ReRAM REsistive Random-Access Memory memory
RRAM Resistive Random-Access Memory memory
RET Resolution Enhancement Technology printer
RG FSAA Rotated Grid Full Screen Anti-Aliasing display
RiSC Reduced Instruction Set Computing
RLM Online RAID Migration storage
RLMT Redundant Linkage Management Technology network
RMAA RightMark Audio Analyzer audio
RMM Remote Management Module motherboard
RMS Rights Management Service software
RoC RAID on Chip storage
RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances
ROMB RAID On Mother Board raid
ROPS Raster Operations Pipeline graphics
RPAT Remote PC Assist Technology processor
RPL Remote Program Loaded network
RPM Rotation Per Minute storage
RPM Resolution Performance Management printer
RRT Rapid Recover Technology motherboard
RSE Remote Secure Erase storage
RSMMC Reduced Sized Multi-Media Card flash memory
RSS Receive Side Scaling network
RST Rapid Start Technology storage
RST Rapid Storage Technology motherboard
RSTe Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise motherboard
RST Rapid Start Technology motherboard
RTM Reverse Time Migration processor
RTS Request To Send network
RUi Remote User Interface network
RVS Rotational Vibration Safeguard hdd
RWW Read While Write storage
SAD Sums of Absolute Differences processor
SAM Storage Area Management storage
SAMS Seagate's Advanced Multidrive System hdd
SAN Storage Area Network storage
SAO Session-At-Once optical
SAS Serial Attached Scsi storage
SAS Sony Advanced Spindle optical
SAT Speed Adjustment Technology optical
SAW Surface Acoustic Wave touchscreen
SBA Small Business Advantage chipset
SBD Silent But Deadly thermal
SCA Single Connector Attachment hdd
SCO Synchronous Connection Oriented network
SCOA Smart Compression Architecture printer
SCP Short Circuit Protection power
SCSi Small Computer System Interface
SCT Smart Connect Technology motherboard
SD Secure Digital memory
SDAP Service Discovery Application Profile network
SDDC Single Device Data Connection memory
SDHC Secure Digital High-Capacity memory
SDLT Super Digital Linear Tape storage
SDMi Security Digital Music Initiative flash memory
SDVR Surveillance Digital Video Recorder
SDXC Secure Digital eXtended Capacity flash memory
SFP Small Form Pluggable network
SNVR Surveillance Network digital Video Recorder
SED Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display display
SED Self-Encrypting Drive storage
SET Standard Endurance Technology storage
SERL Super-Eutectic Recording Layer dvd
SFR Split Frame Rendering display
SFS Stepless Frequency Selection motherboard
SFT Switch fault tolerance network
SiM Single IP Management network
SiMD Single Instrucion Multiple Data graphics
SiOH Server Input/Output Hub chipset
SiP Surge & Inrush Protection power
SiPP Stable Image Platform Program chipset
SiS Self Image Setting display
SLAM Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module audio
SLAT Second Level Address Translation processor
SLC Single Level Cell flash memory
SLES Suse Linux Enterprise Server processor
SLR Single Lens Reflex camera
SM Streaming Multiprocessors graphics
SMA Shared Memory Architecture processor
SMA Smart Memory Access processor
SMART Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology storage
SMaRT Server Maintenance and Reference Training motherboard
SMART-BURN Smart Monitoring & Adapting Recording Technology for BURNing optical
SMART-X Smart Monitoring & Adjusting Read-speed Technology for eXtraction optical
SMB System Management Bus motherboard
SMP Symmetrical     Multi-Processor processor
SMR Shingled Magnetic Recording storage
SMT Simultaneous Multi-Threading processor
SNC Scalable Node Controller chipset
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol network
SNR Sound-to-Noise Ratio audio
SO-DiMM Small Outline DIMM memory
SOi Silcon-On-Insulator processor
SRi System Request Interface motherboard
SR-ioV Single-Root I/O Virtualization network
SRQ System Request Queue motherboard
SRT Self-Refresh Temptature memory
SRT Smart Response Technology memory
SPA Storage Protocol Accelerator network
SPD Serial Presence Detect memory
SPDiF Sony/Philips Digital InterFace audio
SP Synchronoization Profile network
SPA Scalale Processor Array graphics
SPi Stateful Packet Inspection network
SPMT Serial Port Memory Technology memory
SPP Serial Port Profile network
SPP Standard Parallel Port printer
SPP System Platform Processor chipset
SPP Serial Port Profile network
SPS Shock Protection System hdd
SPS Scalability Port Switch chipset
SPT Self-Protection Throttling hdd
SRP Session Request Protocol
SSA Serial Storage Architecture storage
SSD Solid State Drive storage
SSE4 Streaming SIMD Extension 4 processor
SSG Solid-State Graphics graphics
SSL Secure Sockets Layer network
SSP Serial Scsi Protocol storage
SSSE Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extension processor
STD Suspand To Disk memory
STN Super Twisted Nematic lcd
STP Shield Twisted Pair network
STP Serial ata Tunneling Protocol storage
STR Suspand To Ram memory
SVC Scalable Video Coding
SVoD Stacked Volumetric Optical Disc storage
T&L Transform & Lighting image
TAM Telephone Answering Machine modem
TAC Thermally Advanced Chassis chasis
TAO Track-At-Once optical
TCQ Tagged Command Queuing hdd
TAU Texture Addressing Unit graphics
TBW Total Bytes Written storage
TCT Thermal Conductive Technology thermal
TDP Thermal Design Power power
TDR Time Domain Reflect network
TET Text Enhancement Technology scanner
TFC Thermal Fly-height Control hdd
TFT Thin Film Transistors lcd
THD Total Harmonic Distortion audio
TiFF Tagged-Image File Format image
TLB Translation Look-aside Buffers processor
TLC Tripple-Level Cell flash memory
TLER Time-limited error recovery hdd
TLP Threading Level Parallelism
TLS Transport Layer Security network
TMA Transparency Media Adapter scanner
TMC Traffic Message Channel GPS
TMD Tip-Magnetic Driving fan
TMU Texture Mapping Units graphics
TN Twisted Nematic lcd
TOE Tcp/ip Offload Engine network
TPC Texture Processing Clusters graphics
TPM Trusted Platform Module motherboard
TPU Turbo Processor Unit motherboard
TSOP Thin-Small Outline Package memory
TSV Through-Silicon Vias memory
TSX Transactional Synchronization Extensions processor
TTHD TrueTheater High definition optical
TTL Through-The-Lens image
TVS Transient-Voltage-Suppression
TXAA Temporal approXimate Anti-Aliasing graphics
TXT Trusted eXecution Technology processor
TWAiN Tool Without An Important Name
UAB User Accessible Bus graphics
UASP USB Attached SCSI Protocol motherboard
UCP Ultimate Circuit Protection power
UDA Unified Driver Architecture VGA
UDi Unified Display Interface graphics
UEFi Unified Extensible Firmware Interface bios
UFR Ultra Fast Rendering printer
UHCi Universal Host Controller Interface usb
UHQ Ultra High Quality printer
UHS Ultra High-Speed bus storage
ULMB Ultra Low Motion Blur display
UMA Upper Memory Architecture VGA
UMPC Ultra Mobile PC mobile
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunication System network
USB Universal Serial Bus
USB-OTG USB-On-The-Go usb
USM UltraSonic Motor camera
UV UltraViolet
UVD Universal Video Decoder graphics
UVP Under Voltage Protection power
UWB Ultra Wide Band network
VARiREC VARiable RECording
VAROS VAriable Refraction Optical System scanner
VAS Vibration Absorber System optical
VBi Vertical Blank Interval tv-tuner
VCM Voice Coil Motor camera
VCS Visual Computing System video
VCT Virtual Cable Tester
VEB Virtual Ethernet Bridge network
VESA Video Equipment Standard Association
VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table file format
VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display display
VFP Variable Fin Profile thermal
VGA Video Graphics Adapter
VHDC Very High Density Connector scsi
VLiW Very Long Instruction Word graphics
VMD Volume Management Device storage
VMDQ Virtual Machine Device Queues network
VMLB Virtual Machine Load Balancing network
VoC volatile organic compounds
VPD Vital Product Data network
VPE Video Processing Engine VGA
VPG Video Performance Guarantee video
VPU Visual Processor Unit VGA
VRD Voltage Regulator-Down
VRM Voltage Regulator Module electronics
VRoC Virtual RAID on Chip processor
VS Vertex Shader graphics
VSDT Variable Sized Droplet Technology printer
vSMP Variable Symmetric MultiProcessing processor
VT Virtualization Technology processor
VT-d Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O processor
VT-i Virtualization Technology for Itanium processor
W-DTH Whole-Direct Touch Heatpipes thermal
WCE Wide Color Enhancer lcd
WDE Wide Dynamic Execution processor
WDR Wide Dynamic Range camera
WDS Wireless Distribution System network
WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy network
WFM Wired For Management network
WGF Windows Graphics Foundation graphics
WiMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access network
WiNFS WINdows Future Storage file format
WMAN Wireless Metropolitan Area Network network
WMDRM Windows Media Digital Rights Management network
WMM Wifi Multi-Media network
WOL Wake On Lan network
WOR Wake On Ring network
WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access network
WPAN Wireless Personal Area Network network
WRR Weighted Round Robin network
WSS Wire Suspension System optical
WUSB network USB network
WVA Wide-View Angle display
WVMF Windows Vista Media Foundation graphics
WWAN Wireless Wide Area Network network
XD eXecute Disable processor
XHCi eXtensible Host Controller Interface
XHD eXtreme High Definition graphics
XMP eXtreme Memory Profiles memory
XRN eXpandable Resilient Networking network
XSD Xtra Space Design display
XTC Xtreme Thermal Convection memory
Z-CLV Zoned Constant Linear Velocity optical
ZBD Zero Bright Dot display
ZCR Zero Channel Raid raid
ZMCP Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection raid