XANES BC01 Multifunction LCD Solar Power Wired Stopwatch Pedometer Odometer Bike Computer Black

XANES BC01 Multifunction LCD Solar Power Wired Stopwatch Pedometer Odometer Bike Computer Black

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Model BC01
Material ABS
Dual power supply Solar and battery
Power DC1.5V, AG13 button battery * 1
Size 7.4 * 4 * 2.5cm / 2.9 * 1.6 * 0.98in
LCD display 
Solar panel 
Bike Mount Bracket
Speedometer (0-99.9 M/Hr or KM/Hr) 
Tripmeter (upto 99.9 M or KM) 
Trip Timer (9:59:59”) 
Average Speed per trip (Up to 99.9 M or KM) 
Odometer (Upto 9999.9 M or KM) 
Maximum Speed (Up to 99.9 M or KM) 
Scan (clock time/ trip distance/ trip average/ Speed/ Max Speed) 
Digital Clock :12/24Hours format 
Speed tendency(+/-) 
Auto shut off: if item is left idel for 5 minutes 
Dual power 
Imperial/Metric unit setting
Bicycle odometer can be installed in all kinds of bicycle: mountain bicycles, highway bicycles, folding bicycles,
ordinary bicycles.It can also hold to the motorcycle or electromobile for someone with stronger practical ability
Dual power: solar and AG13 battery;Display: Two-line displays ;Durable and water resistant for use in all conditions;
Easy installation, good durability;Easy to read LCD display, ideal companion for your riding.
NOTICE:The distance between the wireless launcher and themagnetic head is around 1.5mm
(The more closer the more sensitive) The distance between the bicycle computer and the magnetic head should be within 60cm
Suitable to all types of bicycles: mountain biking, road cycling, folding bike, common bicycle

Tech Specs:
Average distance: per hour up to 0-99.9m/km 
Travel distance: per hour up to 99.9m/km 
Travel Schedule: 9: 59-59
Average speed: per hour up to 99.9m/99.9km 
Total mileage: up to 9999.9m/km
Fastest speed: 99.9m/km
Scan time, driving distance, average speed, fastest speed, speed trends
Digital clock: 0:00'-23:59' [1:00'-12:59']
Speed trends: the fastest and the slowest
automatic shutdown: the left five minutes, automatic shutdown
Two power supplies
Metric and imperial settings
Quick set-up
1. Press either button.
2. Set tire size
·Press right button. Flashing number will change
·Press left button to select number and move to next digit.
3.Miles/Kilometer per hour
· Press right button to switch between kilometers and miles
· Press left button to select
·Press left button and hold for a few seconds. 12 will flash. Press right button to change to 24 hour clock.
·Press left button to select 12 or 24 hour clock.
·Hours will flash.Right button will progress numbers. Left button will select numberand move to minutes.
 Repeat selection of minutes in same manner as hour was selected.
5. After computer is set up,pressing the right button will move through the functions.

Package included:
1 x Bicycle Computer
1 x Transmitter
1 x Bracket
1 x Magnetic Screw
4 x Cable Ties
1 x User Manual(English & Chinese)