W101 HVLP 1.0mm Tip Paint Spray Gun Gravity Feed Base Coat Sprayer with Filter

W101 HVLP 1.0mm Tip Paint Spray Gun Gravity Feed Base Coat Sprayer with Filter

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Air spray gun, volume is very small.
Very light weight, very good atomization.
Smooth surface treatment, feel comfortable.
At the same time with the intake air, out of fuel, and the size control three kinds of rotary switch.
Pot is transparent, you can clearly see the pot liquid capacity.
Paint can be used for all occasions.
The air flow is more stable, spraying more uniform, spray shape was more stable.
While achieving a spraying air pressure drop and high atomization.
Spray air pressure reduces 0.05mPa, reduce spray splash, save more paint.
Gun light weight, good grip, and comfort. Long time Operating also not feel tired.
Suitable for:
It can be used for photocatalytic coating.
Sofa furniture surface maintenance and repair.
Wall painting car painting, art artistic drawing.
Wall painting, beauty nail painting, inkjet tattoo.
Arts crafts, model making, cake making.
Decorating ceramic resin, various potions spraying, clothing spray maps.
Important specifications:
Max. pressure: 0.68MPa/6.8bar/98PSI
Noise level:78.7dB(A)
Spray condition:Recommended
Measuring point:1m backwards from gun,1.6m height
Max.Temperature:5?儈40??(Atmosphere), 5?儈43??Air.Fluid)
Main specifications:
Paint nozzle diameter: 1.0mm
Spray Air Pressure: 0.24 (2.5) (MPa (kgf / cm2))
Color: Silver
Gun Size: about 18cm * 15cm
Watering can size:15cm*7.5cm
Feed method: gravity type
Fluid output: 95 (ml/min)
Air consumption: 75(2.6)I/min(cfm)
Pattern width: 130(5.1)Mn/(in)
Air & fluid connection: Air G1/4 (NPS1/4)
Fluid G1/4(NPS1/4)
Mass: 295(0.65)g(lbs)

Package included:
1 x Air Spray Gun
1 x400ml watering can
1 x cleaning brush
1 x Fluid nozzle
1 x oil tube
1 x Instruction Manual

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