Virtual Reality BOX Google Cardboard 3D Glasses With Bluetooth Remote Control

Virtual Reality BOX Google Cardboard 3D Glasses With Bluetooth Remote Control

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Virtual Reality Box Google Cardboard Virtual Reality 3D Glasses With Bluetooth Remote Control For 4.7-6.1 Inch Phone

3D Glasses


Material: ABS
Lens material: Spherical resin
Size: 18x12x10.5cm
Color: Black+White
Video Input: Cell phone
Suitable for 4.7-6.1 inch screen mobile phones
How to use:

Put your smartphone in
Then open the 3D apps/games/movies
Close the 3D glasses
Put the 3D glasses on your head
Adjust the lenses to suit your pupils, make sure the screen is clear and you feel comfortable

Bluetooth Remote Control

Bluetooth Joystick Gamepad Wireless Game Self Timer Controller Remote for Android iOS Smartphone

This product is a portable Bluetooth remote control device can be hung on a key chain, can be used as a camera shutter of mobile phone and tablet pc , TV box remote controller, PC remote controller, wireless Bluetooth game controller, wireless mouse, music control, e-book flip, VR helmet games, support  (iOS) system, (Android) system, PC system etc.

You can Play games, take photos, listen to music, VR resources, storm mirror, , everything you can do!

Compatible: Android/iOS/PC SYSTEM
CPU: ARM968E-S Core
Battery: 3.7V 180mA
Play time: 40h
Working current: 0.5-4mA
Charging current: 5V <200mA
Dimension: 73 x 31 x 13mm

Package Included:

1 x Virtual Reality Box Google 3D Glasses
1 x Bluetooth Remote Control
1 x Headband
1 x Lens cloth
3 x Rubber pads
1 x User Manual