T638 Car Recorder 1080P HD 170 Degree Angle Lens Car DVR Camera

T638 Car Recorder 1080P HD 170 Degree Angle Lens Car DVR Camera

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1.Gravity sensor function.
When the gravity acceleration starts,the machine will automatically save the video when the accident occurred 
was not delete the file.
2.File locking feature.
The image process,the M key is pressed, the machine will not delete the current video is saved as a file.
3,Parking guard function.
Parking guards opened,when the vehicle stalled,tachograph into the automatic shutdown procedures,body if  you receive external vibration generated
by the tachograph will open the camera,automatically shut down after a record 10-15 seconds.
When the body is detected again after the shock,again start camera function.
Parking for guarding video camera 1080P 30 frames per second,and the file is automatically locked.
Note:The parking guard function must only work in the case of tachograph automatic shutdown,manual startup or shutdown,the parking guard does not work.
4.Motion detection function.
Turn on the motion detection function,the camera would start recording after short pressing the OK button.It would turn to the motion detection standby state after 10 seconds recording,
this time ther is flashing yellow spot on the upper left corner of the screen.
When detecting the movement,the recorder will start recording automatically,the yellow flashing spot turn to red flashing spot at the mean time.
It will start recording again when detecting the movement motion. 
5.USB Mode.
Connect the USB cable to the computer,tachograph will automatically eject the USB menu will appear the following options:
-Memory.In this mode,the video file can be accessed,or photo files.
-Camera.Select this mode will bring up the USB video device,can be real-time network camera or video chat as a PC camera.
6.The battery instructions.
After connection the car charger power, the red charging indicator light will light up during the charging time,it would usually takes 180 minutes. 
The red charging indicator light will off automatically when the charging is done.
The built-in battery was designed for saving the file while parking off, for saving the battery life, we are generally suggested you should connect the car charger in daily use.
You could reset the machine whenever it broke down or something happened.

Under normal operation conditions,such as abnormal products,please refer to the solution:
1.Unable to boot.
Check the recorder and car charger connected correctly, if you manually turned on,check the battery level if it is too low to need recharge.
As a result if procedural questions by pressing the RESET reset button to restore to factory settings.
2.When the camera automatically stops recording,or do not cycle the camera.
Due to he huge high-difinition video data,it is possible because the memory card reader could not keep pace.Please use the high-speed
TF card,such as C10 high-speed card. Not cycle the camera is also possible that gravity sensor opens,the memory card are all locked files causing.Please gravity sensor is 
closed,and the memory card is formatted.
3.Each time the camera and set the cycle is not the same.
Check to see if motion detection function,because the camera motion detectiuon state length of time,depending on the screen there is no movement.
4.Shoot the movie is not clear.
Please check whether the stolen camera,finger print.Please clean the lens before shooting the surface,keep the lens clean.Sometimes when the 
effect of the film shoot bad thing.Camera effects and lighting conditions to shoot a great relationship,such as backlighting,shun the light,
the intensity of light,and this will result in different shooting out of  the video.
5.Images have streaks interference.
This is due to the wrong setting"light frequency" produced under the fluorescent lights,the domestic flat rate"50HZ".
6.When the machine is breaking down,short press the RESET button to restart.
Package Included:
1 X Car Recorder
1 X Car Charger
1 X USB  1 X TF Card
1 X Video Decompression Cable 1 X User Manual

Product Name Cae Recorder
Lens Angle 170 degree
G-Sensor Built-in(under the car accident case of emergency save,not to be deleted.)
LCD Screen Size 2.0 inch high definition LCD screen
Shot A+grade high resolution 170 degree ultra wide angle lens
Language Russian,English,Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Korean,Japanese,etc.
File Format MOV
Video Resolution 1920*1080P,1280*720P
Video Format H.264,Audio:AAC
Color Effects Standard
Continuous Loop Recording Seamless loop ignition on,turn off shutdown
Division Date Support
Vector Media Built-in memory(Total amount:1024MB)
Camera Mode 1200M
Photo Format JPEG
Memory Card TF Card,maximum support 64GB
Microphone Support
Built-in stereo Support
IR Support
Video Format PAL/NTSC
Current Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
USB 1:USB-Disk
Power 5V 1A
Motion Detection Support
Battery Built-in 200mAh
Size 84x54x14mm