Steel Rechargeable 8GB 650HR Digital Audio Voice Recorder MP3 Player

Steel Rechargeable 8GB 650HR Digital Audio Voice Recorder MP3 Player

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digital voice recoder is available now from our US and UK warehouse

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128 X 64 lattice

power indication

 low battery

Working temperature



with a function clock , since set the right time

Built in lithium battery

420mah (rechargeable)


black, gray, silver, brown


supportmultiple audio format, only support MP3,WAV

VOR system

Voice operated/ Activated recording (Automatically starts recording when there’s sound and pauses when there’s no sound.)

Separated recording & playing keys

one key for recording, one for playing

Four recording modes

"LP” for long time recording
“SP” for high quality recording voice without distorting.
“LP VOICE” for long time recording under voice activated recording
“SP VOICE for high quality recording under voice activated recording

Note need usb driver
2.Should turn it on after charge the recorders
3.Push the power button up,the recorder will turn on,then you can connect it with the usb cable to yourpc for charging.
4.The accessories mentioned in the user manual is only for reference purpose, as the user manual you receive it is a universal one for a series of recorders.

Package Included :

1 x earphone
1 x usb cable
1 x microphone
1 x audio cable
1 x user Manual
1 x telephone cable
1 x 8gb usb voice recorder
1 x telephone/recording junction box


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