RF V40 3G Waterproof  Pet GPS Tracker Locator Real Time Tracking Device

RF V40 3G Waterproof Pet GPS Tracker Locator Real Time Tracking Device

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1. Long standby, long standby for up to one month.
2. Mobile power / LED flashlight can be charged or illuminated at any time.
3. Track query Historical track playback and running statistics, can be retained for 90 days
4. Triple anti-theft alarm Door magnetic induction / vibration induction / sound induction alarm function.
5. Electronic fence Set the electronic fence area Automatically recognize the entry and exit trigger alarm.
6. Low battery alarm, the battery is less than 10%, it will automatically send SMS to remind you to charge.
7. Real-time monitoring The current location and information can be grasped at any time on the platform or app.
8. Multi-terminal query Support computer / mobile phone / SMS / WeChat four ways to locate the platform query.
9. Remote pickup The number of the anti-positioner can be dialed to clearly monitor the sound around the positioner.
10. Precise positioning GPS+GSM quad-band base station dual-mode positioning, accurate positioning in the world, the accuracy of the open area can reach 5m.
11. The main function: Waterproof rating IP66; Smart LED marquee that automatically turns on with ambient light; GSM quad-band + GPS global positioning; WIFI positioning and anti-lost technology, indoor precision up to 30 meters; Website Platform/Mobile App/WeChat/SMS Query Location Information; Voice monitoring; Free APP, for Apple, Android, Windows or Free online platform tracking service mini gps locator; 3G WCDMA GSM Tracker.


Model Name RF-V40
GSM Network 2G 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G WCDMA Network 850/1900MHz or 900/2100MHz
GPRS Standard Class 12, TCP/IP
GPS Positioning Accuracy 10-15m
WIFI Positioning Accuracy 0-33m( Coverd With WIFI Signal)
Working Temperature -20  °C  ~ +70  °C  
Working Humidity 5%~95% RH
GPS Locating Time 30sec With Cold Boot (Under The Open Sky)
29sec With Warm Boot (Under The Open Sky)
5sec With Hot Boot (Under The Open Sky)
Battery Capacity 500mAh
Weight 45g
Size 56x60x17mm

Package Included:
1 X GPS Tracker