Quelima Mini APP Car GPS Locator Recording Locator Micro GPS Anti-theft Track Search Tracker

Quelima Mini APP Car GPS Locator Recording Locator Micro GPS Anti-theft Track Search Tracker

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1. Positioning query
You can query the user's specific location by mobile phone or computer.
2. Electronic fence
Set an area on the map centered on the equipment, and the area immediately reports to the area.
3. Historical track
Query the running track of the device within three months anytime and anywhere.
4. SOS for help
In case of emergency, press the SOS button to send a call for help and information to the guardian. l Address Book: Add/view the supervision number (SOS, Dad, Mom)/White List/Friend through the Guardian Mobile App.
5. Two-way conversation
When the incoming call number is called, the user can talk to each other.
6. Find the device
If the device is lost, you can find the device through the mobile app.
7. Device alarm
Set by the guardian mobile phone APP.
8. Class anti-disturb mode
Set the do not disturb time range through the guardian mobile APP, the device shields the caller.
9.  Remote monitoring
High-sensitivity microphone, real-time monitoring of the surrounding sound when the user has an emergency.
10. Remote shutdown
Device shutdown function can be realized through the guardian mobile APP.
11. Remote restart
Device restart function can be implemented through the guardian mobile APP.
12. Intelligent power saving
Turn off/on GPS and data upload in time range 
13. Mobile client/WeChat/computer service platform
Multiple control methods Available/personal private car Older children, etc.

Brand: Quelima
Model: 303
Material: ABS
GSM band: 850MHz/900MHz/1800 MHz/1900MHz
Working environment temperature: -20°C- +70°C
Working environment humidity: 20%-80%RH
Built-in ion battery: 800 mAh
TF card: Maximum 32G
GPS positioning accuracy: 10m
Input voltage: 5V
Battery life: About 120 hours - 160 hours
Global GSM+GPRS quad-band system: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
APP download Android / IOS: Support

Package Included:
1 X Lanyard
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X Manual