POWER-Z USB PD Tester MFi Identification PD Decoy Instrument KT001

POWER-Z USB PD Tester MFi Identification PD Decoy Instrument KT001

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The POWER-Z KT001 can be used to test all the phone, rechargeable chargers, chargers, and USB PD Type-C notebooks, and the charging voltage and current of the tablet. Support QC3.0, QC2.0, AFC, FCP, PD trigger and has the agreement automatic detection function.
- Size: 77*35*14mm
- LCD size: 1.44 inch
- LCD type: TFT
- Resolution: 128*128
- Languages: English/Chinese/ Japanese
- Interface type: USB-A/Micro USB/Type-C
- Interface quantity: 5 (1x HID)
- Interface impedance: 28m ohm
- Operate type: Track-wheel
- Independent power supply; HID 5V
- Working current: 0.4mA/5v
- Voltage accuracy:0.0001V
- Current accuracy: 0.00001A
- Voltage measuring range: 4-26V
- Current measuring range: 0-6A
- Offline record group number: 350*4 group
- D+/D- voltage display: support
- Screen Rotation: not support
- QC2.0/ QC3.0/ AFC /FCP /USB PD/ trigger: support
- Type-C Line resistance test: support
- MFI data line identification: Auto
- Fast charge protocol automatic detection: Auto asking
- Apple 2.4A accelerate: support
- Clock/ temperature display: support
- USB firmware update: support
Interface function:
- The POWER-Z KT001 is equipped with five connectors and two keys.
- to detect the USB-A male and USB-A mother between the two-way current, Type-C input and Type-C output interface between the two-way current and Type-C input to the USB-A mother Of the current.
- USB PD lure switch: the default is off, PD lure when the switch to the "ON" position, after the end of its back to "OFF" position can be.
- Click a button shuttle: the main interface switch, option confirmation;
- Double-click a button shuttle: exit and so on;
- Left key: fast charge trigger, option switch;
- Right: Curve information, options to switch.

Package included:
1 x ChargerLAB POWER-Z USB PD Tester Voltage Current Dual Type-C Meter FL001