One In Three Car Charger Multifunction Cigarette Lighter USB Interface

One In Three Car Charger Multifunction Cigarette Lighter USB Interface

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1. Support mobile phone, MP3 and MP4 USB interface , can be charged directly in the car,
you can also connect a computer with a USB to charge, very easy and fast, the best choice
for emergency preparedness.
2. In-line design, small size, light weight and easy to carry. No messy lines, do not take up space,
does not affect the car appearance.
3. Car switch interface with 12V power supply, power, performance and stability.

Model: EF32
Weight: about 200g
Size: 260 * 140 * 50 (mm)
Form: 3 cigarette lighter socket and a USB interface
Input: 12V-24V
Output: 5V-6V 500mA
Total output power: 70W
Certification: CE, E-MARK, RoHS, FCC

For car navigation, mobile phones, digital cameras,
game consoles, MP3, and MP4 and other digital products.

1. The USB power adapter into the car's cigarette lighter, you can
separate the three cigarette lighter and a USB port for charging.
2. Use the USB cable to the phone, MP3 or standard USB interface
products and car USB power adapter you can charge them.
3. Place the cigarette lighter plug into the cigarette lighter socket, then plug
the LED is lit, indicating that the normal work. If light is not on, you should check
with the electrical short-circuit, or a blown fuse.

Package Included:
1 X Car Cigarette Lighter(Color random delivery)