NINESTARS Intelligent Sensor Trash Can Automatic Induction Waste Bins Silent Paper Basket Touchless Living Room Office Home Smart Helper from Xiaomi Youpin

NINESTARS Intelligent Sensor Trash Can Automatic Induction Waste Bins Silent Paper Basket Touchless Living Room Office Home Smart Helper from Xiaomi Youpin

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Material ABS
Color White
Weight 0.92KG
Capacity 10L
Size 244mmx191mmx342mm
Battery Type Two AA Batteries
Suitable Garbage Bag Size 45x50cm

1. This trash can adopts ABS green plastic, beautiful and simple style, which can be used in many places in your home. It is a good choice in the living room, kitchen and bathroom
2. Intelligent sensing, the lid can be opened automatically in 0.3 seconds with the action of the hand, 100% no contact, easy and convenient, away from bacteria.
3. Open and close the bass, precise opening and closing control will effectively reduce the noise, throwing garbage will not affect the people with poor sleep quality, showing the art of silence.
4. Adjustable sensing distance, the distance is 6-30cm, this inductive opening technology allows you to have no contact with the trash can when you put the garbage, better away from bacteria.

Intelligent Induction 
- We can't stay away from garbage in our lives. We just want everyone to be contactless and healthier at the moment of use. Turn on or off by smart sensor, use hands-free contact, the lid won't close if your hand doesn't leave, easily discard garbage, reduce the risk of bacterial infection.
One-click Intelligent Control
- One-button can keep it open, one-touch adjustment of sensing distance, one-button switching power supply, only one button, you can do it all, the new interactive experience, let the original busy life less waiting.
- Induction Distance Adjustment

6cm-30cm Sensing Adjustable Distance
- In order to cope with the appropriate sensing height in different usage scenarios, we provide a convenient function to adjust the sensing distance with one button, from 6cm-30cm , you can easily switch the best use of each space.
- Method: In the off state, long press the switch button (OPEN/CLOSE), after about 3 seconds, the indicator light flashes red and green alternately, put the other hand to the height above the sensor window, keep the height of the hand unchanged. Release the switch button (OPEN/CLOSE), leave the sensor window after the indicator light is off, and the height adjustment is completed (default sensing distance 25cm).
Silence Setting
- New integrated silent motor, using a smart chip to control the cover to slowly move up and down.
Sturdy and Durable
- After the barrel cover has passed the comprehensive opening and closing test,   the  mechanical performance  of the barrel cover is intact, the parts are not damaged, the work is not abnormal, the electrical parts  are  in  good  condition, The opening angle  of  the barrel cover is nearly 90 degrees to achieve maximum opening, which is convenient for each throwing angle.
D-shaped Design
- 10 liter capacity, anti-odor sealing structure, keep the air fresh and comfortable, make the family life healthier and more comfortable, the barrel D design, just to better fit the wall surface, reduce the floor space.
High Efficiency and Energy Saving
-  Using two AA batteries, if you open and close the lid 20 times a day, the No. 5 high-power carbon battery (R6P) can be used for about 6 months, and the alkaline battery (LR6) can be used for about 17 months. 
Package Included:
1 x Intelligent Trash Can
3 x Garbage Bag
1 x Instructions