Motorcycle Waterproof Cigarette Lighter USB One Machine Power Charging

Motorcycle Waterproof Cigarette Lighter USB One Machine Power Charging

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Item name:Motorcycle waterproof cigarette lighter USB integration
Input voltage: 12V-24V ± 4.0V
USB (output) voltage: 5V ± 0.25V
Output Current: 2.1A
Product Weight: 150g
Applicable models: cross bike, scooters, cars
Advantages: Waterproof cigarette lighter and USB connection and integration,
product installation unique design, separate USB waterproof cover.

How to install the socket:
1. Connect the red light to "+" and the blue to "-"
2. Put the handle clip on the motor handle and screw it.

How to install a usb waterproof cover:
Use a knife to cut the top on the USB waterproof cover.put the USB connector into the cover.

1. Item is design for 12v/24v motor bike(other volt please do not buy this may be make an accident)
2. Install the item on the fall round and make sure your holder is set.
3. Do not use any heat Electronic Accessories.
4. Do not use or on the rainy day,please cover it with the waterproof shell
5. Do not connect the Electronic Accesssories ,when the engine is not working

Most phones, including BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, LGENV and Motorola Razr (charging cable).
Garmin's GPS, Apple iPod, or any other device using 2.1A or less USB power.

Package Included:
1 X Motorcycle Waterproof Cigarette Lighter USB Integration