MKS SMelzi + Melzi LCD2004 3D Printer Control Board Kit

MKS SMelzi + Melzi LCD2004 3D Printer Control Board Kit

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Compare with MKS Mezi + Melzi2004 kit, this MKS SMelzi + Melzi LCD2004 kit adds the following features:

1. Support MKS same series touch screen
2. Can be used with MKS same series external card slot


With respect to the market Melzi optimization we have done the following:
1. To improve size, so not only can be used on machines I3, it is more convenient for the delta.
2. Increase the power supply terminals, can support 20A current. (According to statistics, 30% of the original fault is burned power supply terminal).
3. Replace the power supply module to support 1A current 7805, the heat better and more reliable.
4. Increase the heat bed terminals, can support 20A current, using a selection of MOS tube off the record (which can support 20A current, it has shipped tens of thousands of pieces, almost no fault). (According to statistics, 40% of the original fault is bad burning hot bed terminals).
5. Increasing recoverable fuse and circuit protection, ensure the safety of short-term short circuit board.
6. With HR4988 replace A4988, and after a long test, driven under the same conditions, the low temperature of about 5 degrees, the same safe and reliable.
7. MicroUSB change to ordinary USB is more robust and reliable. (According to statistics, 10% of the original fault is USB terminal damage).
8. Increase horns plug connector that supports MKS Melzi MINI12864 and MKS Melzi LCD2004 display.
9. FT232 modify CH340, to ensure stable and reliable under the premise of reducing costs.
10. X motor, Y motor, Z motor, E motor, X limit, Y limit, Z limit, thermal bed thermal, thermal head replaced XH2.54 interface and MKS Base / MKS Gen / MKS MINI and so unified, more versatile, more convenient connection.
11. An increase of TFT touch screen interface, supports MKS TFT28 / 32 Touch Screen.
12. Increasing the external card slot interface, the user can easily design SD card mounting position.
13. The fan interface uses XH2.54, more suitable for the connection, adding a 12V output connection open long fan.

Pay attention:

Do not reverse the positive and negative, if it is because the user access to anti-power and burned, such problems we do not warranty!

Package includes:

1 x SMelzi board
1 x LCD2004 board
1 x Cable
1 x USB cable