Micromake Makeboard Pro 3D Printer Main Board Support Heat Bed Compatible with Ramps 1.4

Micromake Makeboard Pro 3D Printer Main Board Support Heat Bed Compatible with Ramps 1.4

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Makeboard Pro is specially designed by Micromake Technical Team to solve the problem which usually occurs on the open source control board of Ramps 1.4 3d printers.
We had fully consider about the mistakes that customers usually make in the beginning, so we use different color to distinguish different connector, and use XH connector to avoid reverses.
We give enough protection in the circuit program. The board adopt dual self-recovery fuses to avoid short-circuit and 5-way high resistance diode to avoid reverse so you will not damage the board even if the wire of power sully is insert oppositely.
The design of Pin is compatible with RAMPS 1.4 control board, you can download the open source firmware of Marlin or Repetier and so on to use directly. The default type of control board is this board.
With 3-way temperature sensing, 4-way MOS output, 5-way motor drive and support big power heatbed as well. What’s more, it support dual extruder! Meanwhile, it can support 5v, 12v-24v fan.
5-way motor drive signal all leads which support connecting with High Power Motor Driver to make huge size 3d printer.
Support 1602,2004,12684 display, insert EXP1, EXP2 connector, meanwhile , with AUX1 connector the touch color screen is available.
The size of this board is 10*10cm, the 4 setting hole use M3 screws, the center of the hole is 5mm far from the edge.


The matched drive board use fool-proofing design, it has blue pin header on the left and black on the right in case overheating due to anti-plug.
If you use other control board or drive board, please note the triangle arrowhead at the top left corner is ENABLE definition and plug correspondingly.
It supports 128 microstep resolution at most and can be adjusted by MS1, MS2, MS3 jumper in the center of drive board socket. H means short circuit, and L means disconnecting.
If you need to adjust current, please put the positive electrodes of multimeterinto screw hole on adjustable resistor and put negative electrodes on USB shell after restarting printer.
The measured voltage divided by 0.8 equals current of drive chip. Eg: If the default voltage is 0.6V, the current is 0.6/0.8=0.75A.
Please be sure to cut off power first, then rotate adjustable resistor with screwdriver. Turn left to decrease the value, turn right to increase the value. Don’t screw too much at one time, 30°is OK.
Turn on the power after adjustment, then measure the voltage, if it isn’t appropriate, please cut off the power and adjust again. It is recommended to make XYZ motor 0.75A, E motor 1A.

Package includes:

1 x Makeboard Pro