LT-850 532nm Green Light Laser Pointer Flashlight 1*16340 1mw/5mw

LT-850 532nm Green Light Laser Pointer Flashlight 1*16340 1mw/5mw

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Product name: LT-850 532nm Green Light Laser Pointer
Material: Aerospace aluminum alloy
Switch: tail switch
Power supply: 1 x 16340/CR123A battery(not included)
Light distance: 500M-5KM (depending on the power)
Voltage: DC=3.0V-5.5V
Start Voltage: DC=2.6V
Current: <200mAh
Perfect Working Environment: 0??- +30??/td>
Storage Temperature: -10??- +40??/td>
Light color: Green Laser Pointer
Output 1-200mw
Wave Length Range 532nm
Wave Length: 532nm
Weight: 50g
Color: Black
Dimension(cm) 11*2*2

1.Battery installation method:battery cathode laser pointer laser pointerin front of the tail.
2.When using a laser beam and definitely not in front of the eyes of human and animal exposure!
3.Continuous laser light time does not recommend more than one minute,whether it's because of overheating and affect the life of the laser!
4.Remove the battery when not in use,put the child is not easy to get a place!
5.If you find that severely reduce the brightness of the laser beam.Please pay attention to the battery charge or replace the battery

1. Field travelers / climbers / explorers:
For outdoor adventures. ie. Measure distance, sent out distress signals, enable your travel be more happy and safe
2.Amateur astronomers:
Used for astronomical refers to the star, green laser is very suitable for used in the observation of stars at night, can accurately indicate the position of the stars.
3. Mining field / construction personnel:
Used for long-distance accurate instructions/buildings. Avoid danger zone
4. Teaching and tour guide:
It is an excellent tool for teaching. Ie. Make a PPT presentation, tourist attraction explanation.

Package included:
1 x LT-850 532nm Green Light Laser Pointer