Lichee Pi Zero 1GHz Cortex-A7 512Mbit DDR Development Board Mini PC

Lichee Pi Zero 1GHz Cortex-A7 512Mbit DDR Development Board Mini PC

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Functional Overview
CPU Allwinner V3S, ARM Cortex-A7, up to 1.2GHz
Memory and storage
Integrated 64MB DDR2
Reserved SOP8 SPI Flash pad (customizable patch 8~32MB SPI Nor Flash, 128MB Nand  Flash) Onboard half-slot TF card holder, can be started by

Universal 40P RGB LCD FPC Socket
Can be directly inserted into the common 40P 4.3/5/7 inch screen (onboard backlight driver), through the adapter board can be inserted 50P 7/9 inch screen
Support common 272x480, 480x800, 1024x600 and other resolutions
On-board resistive touch screen chip supporting resistive screen
Onboard RGB LED

Communication Interface
SDIO x2, can be used with the SDIO WiFi+BT module
SPI x1, I2C x2, UART x3
100M Ether x1 (with EPHY) OTG USB x1

Other interface
Speakerx2 + Mic x1

Electrical characteristics
Micro USB 5V power supply;
2.54mm pin 3.3V~5V power supply;
1.27mm stamp hole power supply Output 3.3V and 3.0V (AVCC), optional input RTC voltage
1GHz linux no-load running current 90~100mA, full load running current ~180mA
Storage temperature -40~125°C, operating
temperature -20~70°C


Software function:
Support linux 3.4 bsp kernel, linux 4.16 mainline kernel
Support Qt, python and other common linux applications

Size and weight
Core board size 25.4x45.0mm
Development board size 47.0x47.0mm
Core board weight 5.0±0.1g
Development board weight 14.5±0.5g

start up
Zeros requires the card to start (or solder SPI flash), only plug in the USB without any

System debug serial port UART0, specific position reference pin diagram
USB interface OTG usb, power and communication
Bottom debugging It is recommended to use usb to serial port
small board to connect "U0T R" and "G 5V"

Operating temperature -20~85??/span>
Running current
Running Linux no-load current is about 100mA, full load current is about 150~180mA, and LCD current is about 200~300mA. No
card power-on current is about 50~60mA

Reference info. (Can click for more detail):

1. Document
2. Github
3. BBS
4. Wiki

Package Included:

1x Lichee pi board
1x Plug
2x Pins