KEYES Ai Voice Control Module V3.0 CH340 ATMEGA328P-AU 5V 2A Voice Control Board For Arduino

KEYES Ai Voice Control Module V3.0 CH340 ATMEGA328P-AU 5V 2A Voice Control Board For Arduino

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Keyes Ai voice control V3.0 control board is compatible with Arduino sensor development platform. There are two USB ports on the control board, one mini USB port for uploading code and the other micro USB port for external power supply. The USB serial port chip of the control board is CH340 chip. When installing the driver, the driver of CH340 needs to be installed. There is a dial switch on the control board to control the switch of the external power supply.

In order to facilitate our study and use of Arduino development platform, this control board contains some sensors and electronic components commonly used in our production, such as active buzzer, infrared receiver, infrared emitter, photoresistor, temperature resistor, SK6812-P6 RGN lamp, rocker element and so on. At the same time, there are some other interfaces on the control board to make it easy for you to connect other electronic components.

Main Control Chip: ATMEGA328P-AU
USB Serial Port Chip: CH340G
Mini USB Interface: Upload Code Interface Current 500 mA
Power Supply (Recommendation): 5V 2A (Micro USB Power Supply)
Self-contained active buzzer: D7 control
Four SK6812-P6 RGB lamps: D11 control
Self-contained infrared receiver: D8 control
Self-contained infrared emitter: D3 control
With two photoresistors: control A6 and A7
Self-contained Thermistor: Control A3
Self-contained rocker elements: control A1 and A2
With two control keys: KEY1 control D4, KEY2 control D5
Bring two LED lights: D5 control red light and D6 control green light (need to use black jumper cap jumper, default completion)
With one dial switch and one reset key: dial switch is used to control power input switch
It has two USB ports: Mini USB for uploading program and micro USB for external power supply.
Package Included:

1 x KEYES Ai Voice Control Module