JZ-TS28 2.8 inch Full Color LCD Touch Display Screen For 3D Printer

JZ-TS28 2.8 inch Full Color LCD Touch Display Screen For 3D Printer

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Model: JZ-TS28
Color: 262K color
Display size: 2.8 inch
Touch screen type: Resistive touch screen
Resolution: 320*240 px
Can work for:
1. Ardniuo Mega2560+ramps1.4 or integrated board based on 2560 development
(such as MK S-Gen/Base mainboard, Micromake mainboard, Ramps Plus2 mainboard)
2. 32-bit main control board: Ardniuo Due+ramps-FD open source mainboard

Product features: 
1. Power off: after printing completed, nozzle cooling down, shut down automatically(with expansion module).
2. Speed optimization: smooth to print complex models at high speed printing
3. Extended SD-card: screen with SD slot, which can also be external expansion. Installation direction and location is unlimited (expansion module). 
4. History record: fast search for printed documents 
5. File Topping: GCODE Files with the latest slices will be top in the file list.
6  One reset: press the screen reset key, and reset the motherboard together. 
7. Convenient shunting: computer-free shunting, brush-free firmware modification parameters (pulse, speed, acceleration, etc.) 
8. Dual-extruder printing support: yes 
9. leveling support: yes 
10. Limit switch status monitoring support: yes 
11. Temperature control curve support: yes 
12. Customized instruction menu support: yes 
13. Gcode command-line support: yes 
14. Modify machine parameters: support Marlin

Package Included:

JZ-TS28 touch screen
1x Touch pen

1x Connection cable