IPRee Venom Extractor Pump First Aid Safety Kit Emergency Snake Bite Survival Tool SOS

IPRee Venom Extractor Pump First Aid Safety Kit Emergency Snake Bite Survival Tool SOS

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Box Material PP
Extractor Pump Material ABS
Suction Cup Material ABS
Disposable Small Tourniquet Material Rubber
Antiseptic Pads 10% Iodophor Solution
Suction Cup Size 1 (Dia.) x (H) 26 x 23mm/1.02 x 0.91inch
Suction Cup Size 2 (Dia.) x (H) 21 x 23mm/0.83 x 0.91inch
Storage Box Size (L)x(W)x(H) 105 x 93 x 30mm/4.13 x 3.66 x 1.18inch
Extractor Pump Size (L)x(W)x(Dia.) 125x 58 x 26mm/4.92 x 2.28 x 1.02inch
Disposable Small Tourniquet Size (L)x(W) 480 x 25mm/18.90 x 0.98inch
 Weight 90g
Eliminates: The need to use dangerous scalpel blades or knives associated with less effective bite kits.
Effective Suction: 2 sizes of plastic cups for use and effective suction on a variety of sting or bite sizes, pump is easy to use with 1 hand.
Extractor: Most effectively retrieves venom from extremities & areas of body outside muscle areas, effectiveness varies with the location of the bite.
Small Compact: Reusable vacuum pump helps remove poisons below your skin in 1 quick motion, used for snake bites, bee/wasp stings, mosquito bites.

First Aid Method For Snakebite:
1. Avoid smoking by mouth so as to avoid the wound in the mouth of the rescuer and cause poison or infection of the patient's wound.
2. Do not use rubber, tourniquet or other substances to block the flow of arteriovenous blood, which can cause swelling and necrosis of the limbs.
3. Don't cut the wound: it is often injected into the deep tissue and rapid absorption, so open the wound will not let poison out, cause infection or cutting the wrong way will make the wound healing and adverse.
4. Do not use ice compress or electric shock, make blood vessel contracted or necrotic, local blood circulation is bad, make limb strut, necrotic more worsen.
5. Do not drink stimulating substances like coffee, tea, so as not to promote blood circulation, but to make the absorption of venom faster.

First aider take a deep breath, calmly observe the patient, then decide and implement first aid.
Also ask the patient not to be panic, nervous which makes it easy to spread the venom rapidly to other parts of the body.

Package included:
1X Storage Box
1X Extractor Pump
2X Suction Cup (2 sizes)
1X Disposable Small Tourniquet (to slow/stop blood circulation )
2X Antiseptic Pads
2X Alcohol Prep Pads
1X User Manual