HB-18650-8H-A Ni-MH/Ni-CD/Li-ON Intelligent Charger

HB-18650-8H-A Ni-MH/Ni-CD/Li-ON Intelligent Charger

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Product name:HB-18650-8H-A Ni-MH/Ni-CD/Li-ON Intelligent Charger
1.Microcomputer IC controls charging process: CC/CV/Trickle charging, to make sure the battery is full charged and won’t be over charged; each slot controls independently; Mixed charging mode
2.Applicable batteries
(1)Compatibility: various kinds of cylindrical chargeable batteries (Diameter: below 26mm, height: 34-70mm)
(2)Charge 3.7V Li-ion or 1.2V Ni-MH/Ni-CD batteries
3.Charging Mode
(2)Adopt negative voltage control technology to improve charge efficiency.
(3)Eight sets of led indicators (each set containing 3) show independently when charging, making the charging process visible and detecting battery charging status and stopping once completing charge intelligently.
(4)Protect opposite connection and short circuit; 0 Voltage alarms.
(5)Activate automatically for Li-ion battery with protection board.
(6)Temperature protection: Stop charging automatically if the temperature of charger or battery gets too high when charging.
(7) Stainless steel rail is more durable and smooth.
(8) Worldwide voltage, suitable for the whole world.
(9)12V car adapter is available.
(10)USB 5V Output Mode
4. High Temperature Test
Test temperature: 45??±5?? last time:5 hours (no package)
5.Low Temperature Test
Test temperature:  -10??±3?? last time:8 hours (no package)
6.Constant Voltage Thermal-Humidity Test
Test temperature: 25??±2??Humidity: 90%-95% last time:8 hours (no package)
7.Vibrating Test
Frequency: 10~55Hz Amplitude: 0.35mm Circulation times in each direction: 10 times
8.Falling Test
Height: 1000mm test-bed thickness: 20mm (hard wood) six side: once per direction
9.Size: 215mm*132mm*40mm (L*W*H)

1.AC Features
AC 100-240V   50/60Hz
DC 12V 3.5A
2.Output Features
DC 4.2V±1%      650mA*8
DC 1.48V±1%     650mA*8
3.Charging Instruction Mode
A. If don't install the batteries and plug in, 3 LED indicators twinkle.
B. 3 LED indicators twinkle orderly to show the charging process:
     1LED stops twinkling and fixing that indicates battery charged by a third;
?€  2LEDs stops twinkling and fixing that indicates battery charged by two-thirds;
?€  3LEDs stops twinkling and fixing that indicates charging is completing.
4.Charging Control Mode
    A. Current Control: CC
    B. -?³V: 8mV
    C. The total time to protect: 5h (Counting when each battery begins charging)
    D. Max Voltage: 1.48V
   Current Control: CC-CV

1. This product charges only for Ni-MH/ Ni-CD battery or Li-ion battery. If charging other batteries maybe lead to explode, break   the batteries or weep and make personal injury and property loss.
2. Using charger in the wrong way maybe gets an electric shock.
3.Use the battery indoor and do not in the rain or snow.
4. Do not break or assemble the charger.
5. Do not put heavy stuff in the charger.
6.Children should be supervised by adults during using the charger.
7.Use the charger in the temperature of 0??35??br />8.Do not use or store the charger under the direct sunlight, nearby the heated equipment and other high temperature places.

Package included:
1 x HB-18650-8H-A Ni-MH/Ni-CD/Li-ON Intelligent Charger
1 x Power adapter