Hand Pressure Seal Ring Machine Plastic Film Sealers Machine Plastic Closer

Hand Pressure Seal Ring Machine Plastic Film Sealers Machine Plastic Closer

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Features :

The handle seat is made of die-cast metal, which can be used for a long time without distortion.
The indicator light will be lit when the seal, the power is turned on when not bright, this is not a quality problem.
The bottom of the heat design, effectively extending the life of the machine.
Using high-quality silicone layering, long-term use is not easy to deformation, high temperature, sealing smooth.
High temperature tarpaulin isolation, durable.
High-quality handle, ergonomic design, comfortable grip.
8 timer settings.

Specification :

Output: 220V-50Hz
Pulse power: 300 watts
Maximum sealing length: 200 mm
Maximum sealing thickness: 0.3 mm
Maximum sealing width: 2 mm
Heating time: 0.2-1.5 seconds
Color: Blue
Size: 305x75x85mm
Application: plastic bags, bubble bags, pearl cotton bags, aluminum foil bags, kraft paper bags, tea bags, etc.

1. Hand pressure plastic bag sealing machine without power switch (automatic control). Insert the AC power cord into the socket and adjust the heating time according to the thickness of the material to be sealed. Put the plastic bag on the sealing surface, then press the handle, the circuit that automatically controls the heating time. When the indicator is off, the power is automatically disconnected. About 1-2 seconds monkey, let go of the handle, the seal is good.
2. If the seal is damaged at the time of sealing, it is because the heating time is too long. Turn the knob counter-clockwise to shorten the heating time.
3. If the seal is not strong, it is because the heating time is too short. Turn the knob clockwise to extend the heating time.
4. If the plastic bag stuck on the rubber plate, indicating that the cooling time is not enough, you must extend the cooling time after the lights go out. Release the handle a little bit later.
5. After adjusting the heating time, in use should remain unchanged, in continuous use without any adjustment.
6. Hand pressure plastic bag sealing machine can be AC power cord is always plugged in the power outlet, do not consume power when not sealed.

Should always keep the sealing surface clean, to avoid residue on the sealing surface oxidation and reduce the heating belt and heat-resistant cloth life.
Do not wipe the sealing surface with a damp cloth.
If the pad below the heating cable is damaged, it will cause a short circuit and damage the heating cable. Therefore, every time you replace the heating belt, you should check the liner intact. If damaged should be replaced with new ones.
You must change the cable should be used with the original with the same specifications of the band.
After a long period of use please check the rubber plate. Because the rubber pressure plate damage will affect the sealing quality.

Package includeds :

1 x Heat sealer
1 x Heating Strip

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