Fotga Premium LCD Screen Panel Protector Glass For 3.0 Inch Camera

Fotga Premium LCD Screen Panel Protector Glass For 3.0 Inch Camera

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Fotga Premium LCD Screen Panel Protector Glass For 3.0 Inch Camera

Description :

Length 6cm
Width 8cm
Net weight 6g
Height 0.5mm
Suitable for 3.0 inch camera
Feature the special treating process makes the surgical hardness of the protector be of near be 8h
the protector can disassemble, and reuse in the premise of no damage of the double-side glue
the tolerance of 8kg/m2s elastic pressure avoids the lcd screen from the damage of an abrupt impinging
the special optical glass can effectively avoid the erosion of the sweat, oil and acid composition to lengthen the life of the lcd screen
the usage of importing 0.5mm ultra-thin optical glass material which is of high-transparence (more than 90% light transmitting rate) makes a clear imaging
the importing 3m double-side glue is of good tightness, easy to install, the normal high or low temperature will make no impact on it, no bubble, no falling off under a normal usage

How to use :

Install open the package, and take the protector out, the peel off the plastic protecting film
clear the LCD screens with a soft cloth, and make sure there are mo sweat, dust and oil on it
peel off the sticker on the back of protector
keep your camera in a stable place, put the protector softly align with two sides that is adjacent on the lcd screen, the check if the protector and screen align, if not, you can adjust them by the side, after confirmation, press the protector with even strength on the lcd screen, the clear the surface of the protector with a soft cloth
Disassemble if find stick not so good or want to peel it off, please insert a card (such as a business card) into the connecting part of the protector and the screen softly, spin the card around the sides of the protector, and take apart the protector from the camera screen, then peel the protector off softly, you can reuse it after clearing
Caution please don’t peel off the protector with your finger when the border is not loose, or it may damage the protector to break, or hurt your finger and damage camera
  when clear the protector, please be soft, or it may damage the protector
  please keep it on the place that children can’t reach

Warning Tips : The product protection ability is very strong, even if you put your camera accidentally fell on the ground, It will protect your camera properly, even tempered membrane rupture, your camera is no problem.

Package Included :

1 x lcd screen protector glass for 3.0 inch camera

Detail Pictures :

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