FH03 Car DVR Recorder Dash Camera Tachograph G-Sensor 170 Degree Wide Angle 1080P HD

FH03 Car DVR Recorder Dash Camera Tachograph G-Sensor 170 Degree Wide Angle 1080P HD

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FH03 Car DVR Recorder Dash Camera Tachograph G-Sensor 170 Degree Wide Angle 1080P HD

It can be used in the meeting record, monitoring and evidence obtaining, location shooting,video evidence, can let you of the use of a machine, let your life more rich and colorful.
This product combines wide dynamic digital industry leading camera, no leakage of seconds, seamless circular camera, ultra wide angle shooting,with display real-time playback, mobile detection camera, parking guard technology in one; streamline design of unique fashion.

G-Sensor function.
Fill light in the dark state by IR.
Wide Dynamic automatic adjustment of light.
Connect the USB cable to the computer, tachograph will automatically eject the USB menu.
It supports motion detection function.In standby mode, when the screen has moved to the detection of automatic video.
File locking feature. The imaging process, the M key is pressed , the machine will not delete the current video is saved as a file.
It supports loop recording.When setting up each video file length,1 minute,3 minutes, 5 minutes, turn off, if you choose to close the case, the card will not automatically cycle full coverage.
It supports parking guard function. (Note: The parking guard function must only work in the case of tachograph automatic shutdown , manual startup or shutdown , the parking guard does not work.)

LCD Screen Size 2.0-inch high-definition LCD screen
Wide Angle 170 degrees
G-sensor Built-in
Language Russian, English , Chinese Chinese ( Traditional ) , Korean, Japanese , etc.
File Format MOV
Video Resolution 1920*1080P, 1280*720P
Video Format H.264,  Audio: AAC
Color Effects Standard
Continuous Loop Recording Seamless loop recording , no leakage seconds
Truck Switch Machine Support auto ignition on, turn off shutdown
Motion Detection Support
Division Date Support
Vector Media Built-in memory (total amount: 1024MB)
Camera Mode 1200M
Photo Format JPEG
Memory Card TF ( maximum support 64GB)
Microphone Support
Built-in Stereo Support
IR Support
Current Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
USB 1: USB-Disk    2: PC-Camera
Power 5V 1A
Battery 200mAh

1. Insert a memory card: please follow the device memory card gap suggeststhe right direction insert a memory card, press the memory card until the cracking of a, is inserted in place so far. The recorder video storage of high speed card, pay attention to the memory card must be high speed card (above CLASS6).
Note: the new card used for the first time on the card format, please use this machine.
2. Remove the memory card: according to the memory cardslot, pop.
Note: the equipment in the boot state, do not remove or insert the memory card, so as not to damage the memory card.
3. The installation in the vehicle rearview mirror in front of the windshield. To determine the 3M adhesive buckle installation location specific, tear off sticker and put it firmly pasted on the windscreen.
4. Connect the power supply.

Package Included:
1 X Car DVR
1 X USB Cable
1 X Car Charger
1 X Adhesive Buckle
1 X User Manual (Download)
Car DVR Recorder
Car DVR Recorder
Car DVR Recorder
Car Dash Camera
Car Dash Camera
Car Dash Camera
Car Dash Camera
Car Tachograph G-Sensor
Car Tachograph G-Sensor
Car Tachograph G-Sensor