Developer Kit OT Novo AliOS Things IOT Development Board Kit Developer Edition

Developer Kit OT Novo AliOS Things IOT Development Board Kit Developer Edition

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The development board is an IoT development board based on the STM32L496VGTx chip. The STM32L496VGTx has high performance and low power consumption. Its core is ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4 CPU, the main frequency of 80MHZ, 1MB of flash 320KB SRAM, supports up to 136 high-speed IO ports, also supports SPI, CAN, I2C, I2S, USB, UART and other commonly used peripherals. interface.

System requirements:
Windows REA OS (7, 8 and 10), LinuxA REA 64-bits or macOSA RE
USB Type-A to Micro USB cable
Stereo headset line
Development tools:
GCC-base IDEs including free SW4STM32 from AC6

• CPU: STM32L496VGTx, 80MHz
• Storage: 1MB Flash, 320KB SRAM
• Wi-Fi: - 2.4G, 802.11b/g/n protocol
       - Support OTA upgrade
       - Support one-click distribution network
• Audio: with microphone, with headphones, support for speech recognition
• Sensor:
     - 3D acceleration sensor
     - Gyro sensor
     - Magnetometer sensor
     - Pressure Sensor
     - Temperature and humidity sensor
     - Light sensor
     - distance sensor
• Camera: Camera with 8-bits parallel interface, pixel 0.3M; resolution 640480
• Power supply to the motherboard: Powered by USB 5V or external 5V; can also be powered by 3V alone;
• Display: 1.3' TFT, 240240 resolution;
• Support infrared transmission and infrared reception;
• LED lights:
       - Tri-color RGB LED to detect WIFI status;
       - Power on indicator LED, green;
       - Download indicator LED, orange;
       - Three user-defined LEDs, orange
• System: Ali-OS Things
• USB supports OTG function
• On-board ST-Link/V2
• PCIe: LTE module supporting external USB interface; also supports Zigbee, Lora, NB modules of UART interface;
• Button: one reset button, three function buttons
• SD card: The system supports up to 32Gb SD card storage expansion;
Power characteristics:
Micro USB interface, 5V power supply
Internal 5V to 3V DCDC, and 1.8V LDO
MCU supply voltage is 3V, system IO voltage is also 3V
Debug interface:
USB to ST-Link
The development board reserves a lot of common interfaces for users:
Zigbee/LoRa interface
I2C interface
ADC differential / single-ended interface
Arduino interface
SPI interface

Package includes:

1 x Development Board