DC12-55V 20A 300W High-power DC-DC Power Supply Buck Module Adjustable Step Down Module

DC12-55V 20A 300W High-power DC-DC Power Supply Buck Module Adjustable Step Down Module

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Product Parameters:
Module nature: Non-isolated synchronous rectification buck module (BUCK)
Normal input voltage: DC (DC) 12V-55V (Please input no higher than 55V)
Limit input voltage: DC (DC) 55V (Input exceeds 55V, the protection tube breaks down and there is a risk of burning the main control chip)
Normal output voltage: DC (DC) 1.25V-53V Stepless Continuously adjustable
Output current: 20A maximum (current magnitude is related to differential pressure, temperature, etc. When high current, chip overheating will automatically reduce output power; in normal ambient temperature, it has its own fan heat dissipation, and the output current can be stable for 10A-20A for a long time. Due to the maximum power limitation, the maximum output current will vary with different output voltages, for example: output 10V, up to 20A; output 30V, maximum 10A)
Conversion efficiency: High conversion rate up to 95%
Power: 300W maximum (when the output voltage is different, the power will be different, and do not exceed maximum power when use)
Working frequency: 300KHz
Stable work: -40 degrees to +85 degrees
USB interface: Yes (rated current 2.0A, rated voltage 5V)
Fan step-down drive circuit: Yes (rated current 2.0A, rated voltage 12V)
Fan: Yes
Fan temperature control: Yes (automatically start the fan according to the working status of the module)
Short circuit protection: none
Input anti-reverse protection: Yes (can be reversed for a long time, do not burn the module)
Output anti-reverse protection: Yes
Transient overvoltage protection: Yes
Over-temperature protection: Yes (over-temperature automatic step-down power reduction)
Over temperature protection: Yes (over temperature automatic shutdown output)
Product size: 86*59*51mm (height includes fan)

Application Scenario:
This module can be applied in the fields that need to be used for step-down, such as solar energy, battery, power transformer, DIY adjustable power supply, car notebook power supply, small power motor speed regulation, vehicle power supply, LED screen power supply, industrial equipment power supply, etc.

1. When wiring, the negative pole of the input and output cannot be grounded together, and the main chip of the module will be burnt. Please confirm that the wiring is completely correct before powering on.
2. The buck module changes the output voltage by adjusting the blue adjustable resistor on the module.
3. The module is marked with IN- (input negative), IN+ (input positive), OUT- (output negative), OUT+ (output positive).

Package Included:

1 x Adjustable Step Down Module