Car Big Head Cartoon Electrostatic Eliminator Static Key Chain

Car Big Head Cartoon Electrostatic Eliminator Static Key Chain

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Can eliminate static for body,automobiles,computers and metal objects,all the daily life of electrostatic (not including industrial electrostatic).
The elimination of electrostatic time is 0.2-3 seconds
Thoroughly eliminate electrostatic hazards.
Without any negative effects and dangerous,safe environmental protection item.
Method of use:
Niuniu hand big head end,reoccupy butters niuniu foot end contact conductive body (such as: automobile,human body,computer,iron,metal objects,etc).
Eliminate static niuniu neck when big transparent place has the light. Note: if you want to verify this product function are effective, please contact ordinary TV screen or computer screen inspection, open and shut when obvious).

Very cute cartoon design,compact size,smooth and comfortable touch.
Built-in LCM,NO need the battery for long-term use.
A perfect functional key chain as companion everyday.
Color:Blue,Red,Yellow,Transparent(Random Delivery)

Package Included:
1 X
Eelectrostatic Eliminator Keychain