ANTUSI A4 3 in 1 Bicycle Wireless Rear Light Burglar Alarm Brake Induction Start Anti Theft

ANTUSI A4 3 in 1 Bicycle Wireless Rear Light Burglar Alarm Brake Induction Start Anti Theft

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Model A4
Color Black
Weight 88g(with Accessories)
Waterproof Yes
Alarm Sound Super Alarm More Than 120 dB
Lamp Beads COB Highlight Llight Source
Burglar Alarm
Lithium Polymer Batter
2A Fast Charge
Usb Charge
Wireless Brake Lights
Intelligent Light Switch Model
SOS Function
Intelligent Start and Stop
IP65 Waterproof
Concealed Installation
Password Disarmed
Light Color Red, Blue, Purple

 Taillight function:
  ?�Trigger conditions: in the dark, the vehicle vibrates. The factory default triggers a red light flash.
 ?�When the host is not in the lock mode, press the red button to switch the light mode:
  1st LED red flash (IF 0.5 seconds blinks)
  2nd LED red and blue alternating (burst flash)
  3rd LED red breath -> blue breath
  4th LED red and blue alternately flash (IF 0.5 seconds flash)
  5th LED red light is always on
  6th LED Blu-ray flash (IF 0.5 seconds blinks) the default light
 ?�Light instructions:
  a. any brakes when the red light for 2 seconds.
  b. all flash mode vehicle 15 seconds under the state of the quiescent state automatically turn off into the power saving mode.
  Note: The quick reversing is detected as the brake is lit.
 ??SOS function:
  In the non-alert state, the bike tilt is greater than 45 degrees (accidental crash can automatically enter the SOS rescue
signal mode,or do a warning effect when the bike down at night), it will automatically open the SOS function. Righting
bike then SOS function will be automatically closed.

Anti-theft Alarm Settings:
Factory default disarm mode: Long press B key(blue button 3 seconds), drop that disarmed.

1.1 Set the password:
In the withdrawal state, long press B key (blue key) 3s, the indicator light (blue) is always bright, enter the password to
set in(AA, BB, AB, BA), and the setting will ring Be... Be... Then the lights went out. The password was changed successfully. Please remember the new password.
If you do not enter the password, when the light off the item will automatically generate password (BB).
1.2 Revocation Password
First make sure the unit is not in a state of alert.
Long press (5S) to release / disarm key, the machine long Be Be sound, then the host is no password status.

A4 English User Manual: User Manual.doc

Package Included:
1x Taillight
1x USB Cable
1x Seat Bracket
1x Saddle Bar Bracket
1x Screw Pack
1x Manual