All-in-one 3D Printer Motherboard MKS Base_L Compatible Marlin For Beginners

All-in-one 3D Printer Motherboard MKS Base_L Compatible Marlin For Beginners

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The difference with MKS Base:

1, USB drive using 16u2 instead of FT232
2, The power module using 2596, also supports 24V
3, The motor drive using HR4982


1. Before power on, please confirm that if the positive and negative is reverse connection, due to the reverse damage are beyond the scope of the warranty!
2. Please do not disconnect or connect the motor in the case of power on, it is easy to burn the driver; do not adjust the current during the motor is running. The correct approach is: first disconnect the power, unplug the motor, and then re-power, adjust the potentiometer, measure the voltage on the potentiometer until the measured voltage is the same with expected.


1. MKS-BASE-L is a special optimization product, especially for Ramps1.4, Megatronics V2.0 and other open source motherboards.
2. Fully consider the stability, heat, ease of use, after a continuous print reliability test.
3. Supporting lines can refer to: 2PIN, 3PIN, 4PIN
4. Can be directly connected to 2004LCD or 12864LCD (remove the L-type adapter plate), because the 2004LCD and 12864LCD open source design is only standard EXP1 and EXP2 PIN port, the direction of the horns and no specific specification, so part of the 2004LCD and 12864LCD may be inconsistent data cable bayonet direction, you need to plug in order to use in turn.
5. Using HR4982 as motor driver
6. 12V-24V input
7. Can use the open source Marlin firmware, exactly the same configuration with ramps1.4
8. The maximum load current calculating: I=V_REF/(8xRS), RS=0.1,V_REF

Package includes:

1 x 3D Printer Motherboard MKS Base_L

For reference only, the display and cables does not includes.