AD9834 DC 5V DDS Signal Generator Module Board Sine/Triangle/Square Wave Waveform Controllability

AD9834 DC 5V DDS Signal Generator Module Board Sine/Triangle/Square Wave Waveform Controllability

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1. AD9834 is a 75 MHz, low power DDS device capable of producing high performance sine and triangular outputs. Also integrates its on-chip comparator, support the generation of square wave for clock generation. When the supply voltage is 3V, the power consumption of only 20mW, very suitable for power sensitive applications.
2. AD9834 provides a phase modulation and frequency modulation function. Frequency register 28bit; clock rate of 75MHz, can achieve a resolution of 0.28 Hz. Similarly, when the clock rate is 1 MHz, AD9834 can achieve a resolution of 0.004Hz. Affect the frequency and phase modulation method is through the serial interface to load the register, then register by software or FSELECT / PSELECT pin switches Device.
3. AD9834 via a three-wire serial interface to write data. The serial interface that operates at clock rates up to 40MHz and is compatible with digital signal processing and micro-controller standards. The device is 2.3V to 5.5V power supply. Analog and digital sections are independent, you can use different power supply; for example, AVDD can be 5V, and DVDD can be 3V.
4. AD9834 has a control pin Sleep (SLEEP), to support power-down mode control from the outside. No part of the device may shut off to minimize power consumption. For example, when generating a clock output can be turned off DAC. The device uses a 20-pin TSSOP package.
5. It is used for frequency excitation/waveform generation, frequency phase tuning and modulation, low-power RF/communication systems, liquid and air flow measurement, sensor applications, proximity, motion and defect detection, testing and medical equipment.
Narrow-band SFDR: >72dB
Power Supply: +5V
Output Frequency: Up to 37.5MHz
Output Wave: Sine wave output/triangle wave output
Comparator: On-chip comparators
Interface: Three-wire Serial Peripheral Interface
Extended Temperature Range: -40??to +105??/span>
Power Saving Options: Yes
Power Consumption: 20mW (when 3V)

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1 X AD9834 Signal generator module