8GB Mini MP3 USB Flash Drive LCD Music Player With FM Radio

8GB Mini MP3 USB Flash Drive LCD Music Player With FM Radio

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8G USB Flash Drive Memory Stick LCD Mini MP3 Music Player With FM Radio Car Gift

Features :

Voice recorder
USB 2.0 providing high speed transfer
Backlight on LCD providing clear display
Works with Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Hold button, locks keys when in pocket etc
Eyelet hook for connecting to lanyard/keys etc
Great to play your music or just listen to the FM radio
Up to 14 hour play time on one AAA battery (not included)
Could be used as a flash drive, bring your life more convenient
Have all the MP3 functions you could even ask for in this cute one

Specification :

Capacity: 8GB
Compatible with: USB 1.0/1.1, USB 2.0
Playing modes: normal, shuffle (random), repeat one, repeat folder, repeat all, preview
Multiple languages: English,  Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese,  Korean, French, Germany, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Denish, Poland, Russian, Turkey, Hebrew,Thai, Hungarian, Romanian,Arabic,Greek and Indonesian

Tips :

Easy to use mp3 player. Simply take the cap off, plug the mp3 player into a spare USB slot on your PC - a new removable drive will appear - you then drag and drop your MP3 or WMA files to the new drive - the player will then store them. No software required and plugs directly in, no need for any leads or installation!

Package Included :

1 x Free 3.5mm earphones (standard size)
1 x 2GB LCD MP3 player USB flash drive FM radio

Detail Pictures :