7 in 1 Professional Lens & Camera Cleaner Cleaning Kit

7 in 1 Professional Lens & Camera Cleaner Cleaning Kit

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100% Brand new!
This Professional cleaning kit is exclusively designed for cleaning digital and analog photographic devices,especially glass,plastic and multicoated lens and filters.Photographic devices should be cleaned softly and immediately after using.

Power Blower:
Generate a powerful air stream to blow dust away from the lenses and camera body;

Cleaning Cloth:
Remove small grease and oil smudges from lens surface;

Brush away the dust.

Cleaning Liquid :
Superclean cleaning liquid, it is multifunctional cleaning tools, designed for lens and LCD, also, glasses, binoculars and other photographic glass to make them clean and flesh.

How to use:
Remove dust and impurities from the lens surface with the air blower or retractable brush.
Spray the cleaning liquid to lens paper 1~2 times
Began to gently wipe by the vortex-type From the center of the lens surface to the outside, then use the lens wipe to clean again.
For the viewfinder and other detailed place, pls use the cotton swabs
Binoculars * LCD Screens

Package included:
1x Power Blower
1x Wet Cleaning Wipes
1x Dry Cleaning Wipes
1x Cotton Swabs
1x Liquid Cleaning
1x Cleaning Cloth
1x Retractable Brush

Note: Irritant product,harmful if swallowed,irritating to skin,risk of serious damage to eyes,may cause sensation by skin contact,very toxic to aquatic organisms,keep our of the reach of children,avoid contact with skin,wear suitable gloves,if swallowed,seek medical advice immediately and show this label,dispose of this material and its container to hazardous ar special waste collection point.