5pcs DIY 12V Automatic Watering Module Kit Soil Moisture Sensor With Time Delay

5pcs DIY 12V Automatic Watering Module Kit Soil Moisture Sensor With Time Delay

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Working voltage: 12V
Input current: greater than 100ma
Motherboard size: 3CM*7CM
Sensor board size: 5.3CM*1.9CM
Load: 250V 10A AC or 30V 10A DC (currents below this range can be used)
Module function: detecting the humidity of the soil, the relay will act or reset according to the humidity of the soil

Advantages introduction:

1. With delay function, delay 3 to 5 seconds, when the humidity is detected in the critical state, the relay will not frequency action and reset;
2. When the soil is wet, the relay action can be selected when the relay is moving or the soil is dry (the working mode is optional).
 When the switch is pressed, the relay acts when the soil is wet;
 When the switch is up, the relay acts when the soil is dry;
3. The sensitivity can be adjusted. The blue potentiometer in the module is used to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. Clockwise adjustment and sensitivity decrease.
4. The surface of the soil sensor is tinned, which can improve the conductivity, prevent the problem of rusting in contact with the soil, and prolong the service life;
5. The product adopts
Songle high-quality relay, which can withstand 1500W load and meet the requirements of most people;
6. The product has a power indicator and a relay pull-in indication.
Adjusting the soil moisture control threshold by potentiometer, it can automatically water the vegetable garden and garden automatically, control the soil moisture of the family flower pot, various electronic games, etc., with high-power relays, can control large current equipment, and have a delay. Function, solve the problem of non-delayed humidity critical state relay flashing, is a simple and practical soil moisture control system.
Package included:
5 x DIY 12V Automatic Watering Module Kit