5PCS Beitian BS-280 232 GPS Receiver Module 1PPS Timing With Flash + GPS Antenna

5PCS Beitian BS-280 232 GPS Receiver Module 1PPS Timing With Flash + GPS Antenna

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232 level output, 9600, 1HZ output, standard NMEA-0183 protocol output.
Parameter Description
Chip characteristics
Chip U-blox U7
Frequency GPSL1, SBAS L1
Channel 56 search channels
Track -162dBm
Recapture -160dBm
Cold start -148dBm
Horizontal accuracy 2.0 m CEP 2D RMS SBAS assist (open space)
Speed accuracy 0.1m/s 95% (SA off)
Time accuracy 1us
Start Time
Cold start 29s
Warm start 25s
Hot Start 1s
Output Data
Baud rate 4800bps-921600bps,default 9600bps
Output level TTL or RS232, default RS-232 level
Output protocol Default NMEA-0183 protocol
Standard GNSS 1Hz-10Hz, default 1Hz
Work limit
Height 50,000m maximum
Speed 515m/s maximum
Gravity acceleration 4g maximum
Power consumption Voltage DC 3.6V-5.5V, typical: 5.0V
Current Normal 45mA@5.0V
Physical parameter
Size 28mm*28mm*8mm
Weight 11.5 grams
Line length 2m
Connector 1.25 pitch 6pin socket
Surroundings Operating temperature -40 °C ~ +85 °C
storage temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
Indicator light TX light Power-on blue light flashes to indicate that there is data output.
PPS light The light is not lit when it is not positioned. After 3D positioning, it starts to blink.

The pins of the module are:
1.PPS, there is a second pulse output after positioning, the pulse period is 1s, and the high level lasts for 100ms, which is used for system synchronization.
2. GND, ground.
3.TX, the data output of the module.
4.RX, the data input of the module.
5.VCC, 3.6-5.5V, recommended 5.0V.
6. BOOT, please hang out during normal work.

Package included:

5 x Beitian BS-280 232 GPS Receiver Module
5 x cable