433MHz DC 12V Learning Type Four Way Wireless Remote Control Switch 4CH Channel Relay Control Module

433MHz DC 12V Learning Type Four Way Wireless Remote Control Switch 4CH Channel Relay Control Module

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Product Introduction:

The AK-RK04S-12 four-way wireless intelligent receiving controller designed and manufactured by our company, with 4 relays, can make the equipment to be controlled reach the positive and negative rotation of the motor, or the on/off switching of the switch and requirements for various special control procedures. The product has the characteristics of stable performance, small size and high receiving sensitivity. Mainly used in electric door, window, lifting equipment, gateway, lifter, industrial control and security industry, etc. It can be combined with remote control to form a complete wireless intelligent remote control system. It is widely used. It is especially suitable for importing wired door, window control system and anti-theft alarm to realize wired to wireless system transfer.
In order to facilitate the use of new and old customers, the controller is compatible with a variety of different wireless remote controllers such as 2262/2260/1527/2240, which can meet the needs of customers with their favorite remote control.

Output Method:
1. Self-locking - use the short circuit to connect 23 position
2. Non-locking - short circuit, vacant, not connected
3. Interlock - use the short circuit to connect 12 position

Learning/Clearing Methods and Steps:
1. Press the learning button, the indicator light will be off. And then let go, press any button on the remote control and the indicator light will flash three times, indicating that the learning is successful.
2. It can learn more than 20 different address codes of the 2262 chip, 1527 chip equivalent frequency wireless remote control.
3. Clear: Press and hold the learning button for about 8 seconds. The indicator will turn off from steady to steady, indicating that all the saved information has been successfully cleared.

Main Technical Indicators:
1. Working Voltage: DC 12V
2. Static Working Current: ≤ 6mA
3. Working Temperature: -40°C +80°C
4. Receive Sensitivity: ≥-105dBm
5. Working Frequency: 433MHz
6. Output voltage: AC, DC optional
7. Output current: ≤ 10A
8. Size: 72mm x 52mm x 26mm

The Meaning of Self-locking/Interlocking/Jogging:
Interlock: Press the corresponding button of the remote control, the corresponding relay is turned on. And then press another remote control button, the relay is disconnected.
Non-lock, Jog: Press the remote control button, the corresponding relay is turned on. Release the remote control button, the corresponding relay is disconnected.
Self-locking: Press the remote control button once, the relay is turned on. Press the remote control button again, the relay is disconnected.


1. Do not install the receiver in an iron box, away from motors, contactors, etc. Which may cause magnetic fields, to prevent remote control signals from being disturbed.
2. When you feel that the remote control distance is significantly shortened, please replace the remote control battery in time.
3. When installing the wiring, please disconnect the power supply to protect yourself
4. Try not to frequently operate the buttons on the remote control, because the wireless receiver's chip receives the signal from the remote control and has a response time of about one second.
5. The remote control switch is made of precision electronics. Try not to fall or water, so as not to affect the use.

Package Included:

1 x Remote Control
1 x Remote Control Switch