433MHz 4CH Channel Remote Control Switch Module Learning Code DC12-48V 180-700W 30A Four Way Relay

433MHz 4CH Channel Remote Control Switch Module Learning Code DC12-48V 180-700W 30A Four Way Relay

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Product Introduction:

The remote control switch adopts 30A relay, which can load high-power electric appliances. The receiving mode is decoding of learning type single-chip microcomputer. It can learn multiple remote controllers, and each remote control can learn by pressing buttons. Each remote control controls multiple switches. A plurality of remote controllers can be used to control one switch, and the operation is simple and flexible, and the remote control has different working modes for each button, thereby avoiding the trouble of switching the output mode by jumping the cap, and is convenient to use, and is suitable for multiple uses in various fields. The output switch signal is easy and convenient to install.
Mainly used in lamps, electric doors, windows, lifting equipment, water pump, lift control, security industry and agricultural watering and other remote wireless remote control, etc. It has the advantages of easy installation, simple and safe to use.

Product Parameters:

1. Working Voltage: DC12-48V
2. Working Frequency: 433MHZ
3. Working Temperature: -40 ~ +85°C
4. Receiving Sensitivity: ≥ -105dBm
5. Load: NO (30A/240VAC), NC (20A/240VAC)
6. Circuit Board Size: 122x87x17 (mm)
7. Shell Size: 144.8x91x40 (mm)

Working Way:

Press A (data bit 1000) to learn, the controller is jogged
Press B (data bit 0100) to learn, the controller is interlocked
Press C (data bit 0010) to learn, the controller is self-locking
Press D (data bit 0001) to learn, control relay (1, 2) jog + relay (3, 4) self-locking
Remote control A (data bit 1000) controls relay 1
Remote control B (data bit 0100) controls relay 2
Remote control C (data bit 0010) controls relay 3
Remote control D (data bit 0001) controls relay 4

Learning Methods and Steps:

1. Press the receiver learning button - the light is on, indicating that you are entering the learning state.
2. Press any button on the remote control - the light flashes three times slowly, indicating that the learning has been successful.

Clear Saved Information:

Press and hold the receiver to learn the button until the LED flashes five times and then off, indicating that the stored information has been successfully cleared.

The Meaning of Self-locking/Interlocking/Jogging:
Interlock: Press the corresponding button of the remote control, the corresponding relay is turned on. And then press another remote control button, the relay is disconnected.
Non-lock, Jog: Press the remote control button, the corresponding relay is turned on. Release the remote control button, the corresponding relay is disconnected.
Self-locking: When press the remote control button once, the relay is turned on. When pressing the remote control button again, the relay is disconnected.


1. Do not install the receiver in an iron box, away from motors, contractors, etc. Which may cause magnetic fields, to prevent remote control signals from being disturbed.
2. When you feel that the remote control distance is significantly shortened, please replace the remote control battery in time.
3. When installing the wiring, please disconnect the power supply to protect yourself.
4. Try not to frequently operate the buttons on the remote control, because the wireless receiver's chip receives the signal from the remote control and has a response time of about one second.
5. The remote control switch is made of precision electronics. Try not to fall or water, so as not to affect the use.
6. The receiver supports 12-48V voltage input. The maximum voltage can reach 55V. The receiver can withstand up to 30A current per channel, and can directly drive DC load. When controlling 12V equipment, the maximum control is 180W per channel. When controlling 24V devices, each channel has a maximum control of 360W. When controlling 36V devices, each channel has a maximum control of 500W. When controlling 48V devices, each channel has a maximum control of 700W.

Package Included:

1 x Remote Control (including matching battery)
1 x Remote Control Switch (including matching housing)
1 x Antenne