3pcs AM2320 DC 3.1-5.5V Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Single Bus / I2C Signal Output

3pcs AM2320 DC 3.1-5.5V Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Single Bus / I2C Signal Output

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AM2320 digital temperature and humidity sensor is a kind of temperature and humidity complex sensor with calibrated digital signal output. The sensor includes a capacitive humidity sensing element and a high-precision integrated temperature measuring element, and is connected with a high-performance microprocessor. The product has excellent quality, ultra fast response, anti-interference ability, cost-effective and so on.

AM2320 communication mode adopts single bus, standard I2C two communication methods. The two modes of communication can be freely switched, the user is free to choose, easy to use, wide range of applications.
Application range:
HVAC, dehumidifier, testing and testing equipment, consumer goods, automotive, automatic control, data recorder, weather station, home appliances, medical and other related humidity control, humidity measurement and control.
Product highlights:
Fully interchangeable, low cost, long-term stability, relative humidity and temperature measurement, long distance signal transmission, digital signal output, accurate calibration, low power consumption, single bus digital interface standard, I2C standard bus digital interface, communication mode can be free to choose.
Technical parameter:
Measuring range
Temperature range: -40 - +80?? humidity range: 0-99.9%RH
Accuracy (25??nbsp;environment)
Temperature accurate value: ±0.5?? humidity accurate value: ±3%RH (10...90%RH)
Resolving power
Temperature: 0.1?? humidity: 0.1%RH
Attenuation value
<0.1??nbsp;/ year, humidity: <1%RH / year
Sensor type
Temperature: resistance type sensor, humidity: capacitive sensor 
Response time
Temperature: 5s, humidity: 5s 1/e (63%) 

Operating temperature range: -40 - +80??/span>
Power source: DC 3.1-5.5V
Output signal: single bus /I2C signal
Shell material: PC plastic

Dimension: 15 x 12.1 x 4.5mm

Package included:

3 x Temperature and humidity sensor