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3D Creative Wall Clocks  Home Decorations Crafts

Acrylic DIY 3D Home Decor Wall Clock
We can not grasp the time, but can be time to condense into art


Hour hand: 31 cm / 12.4 "
Minute hand: 39 cm / 15.3 "
Bell machine: 12 cm / 4.9 "
How to Install?
STEP 1: Fasten the clock movement on the wall
STEP 2: Peel off protection film from mirror,stick it on the EVA number.
Cover the clock movement with the auxiliary scale,stick the numbers at the right site according to the scale.
STEP 3: Take down the clock movement,fixing the hour hand ,then minute hand.
Tips:press the clock hands into the clock axle and point at 12 o'clock.
STEP 4: Adjust the time by button on the clock movement and install the battery.
STEP 5: Hanging the clock movement on the wall.
STEP 6: Well done!You can enjoy your art-work now.

Package included:
1 x 3D Wall Clock (Not include battery)