3D 26ft 8m Single Line Black Octopus POWER Sport Huge Soft Kite Outdoor Toy

3D 26ft 8m Single Line Black Octopus POWER Sport Huge Soft Kite Outdoor Toy

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Parafoil kites offer a whole new dimension of fun and freedom in the air. Unlike most other kite designs, parafoil kites do not have a ridged frame to hold their shape. Instead, they rely on wind moving through chambers build into the fabric of the kite to keep their shape. Wind fills the cells of the parafoil kite creating the kite's structure and allowing this soft kite to mysteriously take to the sky. Parafoil kites are portable, indestructible and fun to fly. Flyers could fold it into a pouch and can be taken anywhere. When done flying, simply fold the kite back up for easy travel and storage. Nothing to break and easy to transport, parafoil kites are the perfect kites for traveling and on-the-go fun! 

Name: 3D 26ft 8m Single Line Black Octopus POWER Sport huge soft Kite Outdoor Toy US
Material: Rain-proof Silk Fabrics
Color: As picture shown
Wind Range: 8 - 20 mph (12 - 32 kmh)
Fold Size: (L)X(W)50X30cm/19.69''X11.81''(appr.)
Open Size: (L)X(W)800X90cm/314.96''X35.43''(appr.)
Brand New and high quality.
No assembly required and no frame to break.
Packs up small for travel and original kite bag.
Body-catching, inflating tails and bright color make it a wonder in sky.
Flying line and reel winder is not included. This item is only one kite.
1. Choose an open site at least 5 km (3 miles) from an airfield, away from trees, houses, roads, highways and railway lines.
2. Do not fly a kite in wet or stormy weather, or with wet or metallic flying line. Do not fly in winds beyond your strength.
3. Never fly a kite near electric pylons, overhead power cables or overhead lines of any kind.
4. Avoid flying over the heads of other people or animals as this could cause them alarm, or worse yet, injury.
5. Do not fly your kite over the legal limit in your country.
6. Wear safety gear, such as helmet, gloves, sunglasses, proper reel choices, goggles, guards, etc. Especially for larger kites and in stronger winds to avoid string burns.
7. Avoid flying too close to other kites to avoid tangled or cut lines, damaged kites and accidents.
8. Don't fly when wind speed is greater than 20mph. The strong wind will tear the kite.
Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement and make sure you do not mind before ordering.
Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration as the different placement of pictures.

Package included: 1 Pcs Parafoil Kite