2.4 Inch Color Screen Display CNC Adjustable Power Supply Step Down Module Voltmeter Ammeter

2.4 Inch Color Screen Display CNC Adjustable Power Supply Step Down Module Voltmeter Ammeter

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Instructions: http://img.staticbg.com/file/products/20180718053121SKU973245-Instructions.pdf

Instrument introduction:
VAC8010F is a multi-function meter based on 2.4 wireless data transmission technology. It can display various physical parameters such as voltage, current, power, capacity, energy, temperature and running time in real time. The battery can be realized separately through two reserved relay interfaces. Charge and discharge management and overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent protection. Moreover, the meter uses a 2.4-inch color liquid crystal as a display, and the display data is more comprehensive, clear, and easy to observe.
Instrument characteristics:
1. Wirelessly transmit data to avoid interference caused by complicated wiring between the display and the detection module, and the wiring is more convenient.
2. Hall sensor is used to realize non-contact detection current, without disconnecting the wire, safe, reliable and convenient.
3. Voltage, current, power, temperature, capacity, percentage of remaining capacity, and running time are displayed simultaneously.
4. Dual relay interface, can manage charging and discharging separately.
5. With charging overvoltage, discharge undervoltage, charging overcurrent, discharge overcurrent protection.
6. With power-off memory function, you can record the AH number and WH number before power-off.

Item Specification
Input voltage Measuring range when self-powered 6V~80V
Measuring range when externally powered 0~120V
Input current measurement range 0~100A
External supply voltage 6-60V
Display method 2.4 inch color LCD display
Measuring range Voltage 0.01V~120V
Current 0.1A~100A
Capacity 0.001AH~65000.00AH
Energy 0.000KWH~9999KWH
Time 0~100 hour
Power value 999KW
Temperature 1~100??/span>
Accuracy Voltage ±1%+2
Current ±2%+5
Temperature ±1.5??/span>
Measurement rate 5 times / sec
Relay delay time (0-60)S
Communication distance Open single group 10 meters
Protection type and setting range OVP (overvoltage protection) 0.01V~500V
LVP (undervoltage protection) 0.01~500V
OCP (Charge Overcurrent Protection) 0-500A
NCP (discharge overcurrent protection) 0-500A
Display panel size 87*49*14 (mm)
Measuring board size 114*54*28 (mm)

Package includes:
1 x Step Down Module