12V/14.6V 1A Lead Acid Battery Charger Intelligent Adapter EU/US/AU/UK Plug

12V/14.6V 1A Lead Acid Battery Charger Intelligent Adapter EU/US/AU/UK Plug

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Battery Type: Lead Acid Battery
Input parameters: AC100-250V 47/63Hz
Output parameters: 12-14.6V 1A
Charging current: 1000mA
Dimensions: 85*48*30mm
Control Mode: IC Control Intelligent Positive Voltage Detection
Timer : None
Indicator (LED): Green light - no battery or charging completed; red light - charging
Efficiency: >80% (Max.load)
Operating temperature range: -10--40°C
Humidity : 30%--85%
Storage temperature: -20°C--70°C
Storage humidity: 30%--90%
-Limit voltage protection The charger output voltage will not exceed the maximum charge voltage of the set battery. Constant pressure.
-Current Limit Protection The charger output current will not exceed the set battery maximum charge current. Constant current.
-Short Circuit Protection When the output is short-circuited, the charger cannot work normally and the output returns to normal. The charger can recover automatically.
-Reverse connection protection The charger will not work when the output cable is reversed. It will not start until the user connects correctly. 
-Accurate positive voltage detection ensures that the battery is fully charged without overcharging.
-Precise constant current control, the current change amplitude is less than 5%.
-Built-in high-quality and high-efficiency switching power supply, adopting environmentally-friendly green power control technology, making the temperature rise small and light.
-Two-color indicator light, clear indication, the current status at a glance.
-Short circuit protection function, the short circuit current is zero, allowing long-term short circuit without damaging the host.

Packaged included:
1 x Motorcycle Smart Battery Charger

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