10pcs N76E003AT20 Core Controller Board Development Board System Board

10pcs N76E003AT20 Core Controller Board Development Board System Board

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N76E003 is high-speed 1T 8050 SCM series products. Provide 18KB Flash ROM, configurable Data Flash and high capacity 1KB SRAM,Support 2.4 V to 5.5 V wide working voltage and working temperature from 40 ??to 105 ??It has strong ability of anti-interference 7KV ESD/4KV EFT . N76E003 has 18pcs I/O feet packing by 20PIN .The interface includes double serial port, SPI, 12C and 6 channel PWM output.Build a high accuracy less than 2% error and high resolution of 16MHz RC crystal oscillator and high resolution 8-channel 12 bit ,which is superior to similar products.It has the function of self-awakening and underpressure detection. Provide TSSOP20(4mm*6.5mm) and QFN20(3mm*3mm) small package.It has high performance and design flexibility.
1, 1T/8051: 1T MCU, 8051 classic core
2, 18KB Flash ROM: better than 8KB Flash.And all can be used as data storage space
3, 1024B SRAM
4, 17+1 input interface: better than 16 GPIO
5, 2*UART, SPI, 12C: better than SPI/12C/UART(one more UART)
6, 8ch of 12bit ADC, Superior to 5 channel 10bit ADC
7, 6ch of individual duty PWM: superior to 3 channel PWM output
8, 10KHz LIRC for WDT reset/WKT
9, 16MHz HIRC ±1% Room temp. ±2% full condition
10, -40~105??nbsp;wide temperature area
11, 2.4V-5.5V wide working voltage range
12, TSSOP20/QFN20
13, ESD&EFT: HBM/8KV MM/400V, Over 4KV, Good ESD and EFT, anti interference and ESD protection
14, On board MINI USB power supply interface, reset button and AMS1117-3.3V stable voltage chip
15, On board external crystal oscillator interface and programmable LED (P12 foot) jumper cap (I/O control LED when jumper is connected)
16, All I/O ports are extracted with a 2.54mm pin
17, Board size: 43.4mm*29.8mm
Interface instruction:
5V/3.3V: positive of working pressure
GND: negative of working voltage
TX: sender PIN of module serial port, could connect RXD of MCU
RX: receiver PIN of module serial port, could connect TXD of MCU
DAT, CLK, RST: Nu-Link program download port

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10 x N76E003AT20 Core Controller Board Development Board