10pcs JDY-08 4.0 Bluetooth Module BLE CC2541 Airsync For IBeacon Compatible With Arduino

10pcs JDY-08 4.0 Bluetooth Module BLE CC2541 Airsync For IBeacon Compatible With Arduino

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Product introduction:
JDY-08 passthrough module is based on bluetooth 4.0 protocol standard, scope of work frequency of 2.4 GHZ, modulation method for GFSK, maximum transmitted power of 0 db, the largest launch distance of 80 meters, adopt TICC2541 chip design, support the user through the AT command to modify the device name, service UUID, transmission power, such as matching password instructions, convenient use and flexible.
Function introduction:

1: WeChat pass-through (supports AirSync protocol, applies to WeChat H5 or factory server communication, including long packet data parsing and   sending and receiving)
2: APP transmission (support Android and IOS data transmission)
3: iBeacon mode (support WeChat shake protocol and apple iBeacon protocol)
4: Sensor mode (temperature, humidity and many other sensor data acquisition applications)
5: host transmission mode (data transmission between application modules, communication between host and slave)
6: host observer mode (application sensor, indoor positioning)
7: PWM mode (used for motor speed regulation and LED light brightness adjustment)
8: IO mode (for mobile phone control relay or LED on/off)
9: indoor chamber location application (application of collecting iBeacon data to achieve range positioning)
Technical parameters:
1: the communication rate is 3K Bytes/ second
2: 1024Bytes can be written in the serial port of APP transmission
3: the effective communication distance is 15 to 30 meters
4: support PWRC pin to control sleep
5: support IO port control disconnect
Function description of two pins:
DISC pin: for active disconnecting of bluetooth connection (default high level, low level disconnecting)
PWRC pin: used to wake up sleep (default to sleep state). Use this pin to ground the AT command
VCC pin: is the power pin of the module, and the power supply voltage ranges from 3.6V to 6V
GND pin: power source ground
TXD pin: serial port output pins
RXD pin: serial input pins
Package included:

10 x JDY-08 4.0 Bluetooth Module BLE CC2541 Airsync For IBeacon