Mini WiFi Car Rear View Parking Wireless Intelligent Reverse Camera Night Vision

Mini WiFi Car Rear View Parking Wireless Intelligent Reverse Camera Night Vision

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1. V-Car currently is most advance wireless Reverse Camera in the car industries , Reversing picture can see
by Smart phones APP & APK through the WIFI connection to achieve visual ,  Widely used in cars, buses,
commercial vehicles, trucks, construction vehicles and other transportation equipments.
2. Intelligent device to receive, eliminating the complexity of the installation’s proceeduces, at low cost to achieve
intelligent reversing purpose.      
3. Low bit rate video coding technology, the image is clear and smooth, without delay
4. Using U.S. imports of low power processing chipset for fast response time, the system is stable and reliable.
5. HD digital car camera, wide angle lens, wide angle’s view

1. Reverse video recording
Every time when the mobile phone is turned on reversing car’s app or apk, the videos can be saved in the smart phone,
the five cycle cover in recording your driving track each time on reversing the vehicle, it can minus your risks.
2. Intelligent electronic back view mirror function
Through the real-time viewing device, from the back’s visual video, you can see in real time for the back side of the vehicle
condition, full angle of view, small mirror perspective beyond the traditional post, Blurred vision, improve driving safety conditions.
3. Smart Start Background, Start voice call
Android background system can monitor the trigger signal, automatic start, no need to manually enter. Apple voice
call start system, static IP link, to achieve online and reverse in the same time.

Transmission: WIFI Digital Signal
Video Compression: H.264 High Profile
Antenna Specifications: Divergence
Operating Temperature: -20?ƒ~ +70??br />Storage temperature: -30?ƒ~ +80??br />Working Humidity: 80%RH
WIFI Reversing Camera
Senor: CMOS
Image Pixels: Mega Pixels
Viewing angle: 120°~150°
Minimum Illumination: 0.1Lu / F 2.0
Power Supply: DC 12-24V
Night Vision Distance: 5-10 M
Waterproof Level: IP66
Fixed Way: License Plate Lamp Fixed
Receiver: Apple or Android Devices

Use skill:
1. Android device usage ; when installing software, click background running and boot,  software background
will not consume power,  software running from the background, in any interface, when you are reversing the car ,
video will pop up automatically. In the car when you need for Internet than you should turn off your device WIFI.
2. Apple device usage; software after installation, set a static IP ;
A.  connect the name V-Car WiFi   
B.  into the WiFi setting interface, Mark down the DHCP (IP address, subnet mask) figures, click on the "static" here,
and fill the Mark down figures into the static Button below(IP address. The subnet mask).  
C. Click to return than setting should be successful. Set the static IP that can realize the WIFI and 3G or 4G communication
at the same time, and it does not affect the mobile Internet access.
3. Voice calling device start; apple using Siri call: "V-Car" start APP.

Do not turn on the car and any power when you are installing the Reversing Car Devices.
Find the good spot for the reversing car camera for the installation.
First step;  Tear down the trunk of the plastic shell, accurately find the three power wires location,
Back-up Light+ (yellow power wire),  for reversing lamp power supply wire anode connection.
ACC Power+ (red power wire),  please pick up the car on the ACC connection position.
Cathode GND - (black power wire),  please connect the negative wire harness.
The second step;  For installing the camera, remove the license plate light, the camera through the car license
plate light slot connected to the host. Connect the three power wires in the correct position, after that you can
start the vehicle, adjust the best reversing perspective, fixed the camera firmly by screws, and finally tie up the
host and the power cord  

Package Included:
1 X Camera
1 X 2.5M Cable
1 X Double-sided Tape
1 X User Manual
1 X Screws