Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 Mini 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses Box for Smart Phone MOCUTE 053 Bluetooth Gamep

Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 Mini 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses Box for Smart Phone MOCUTE 053 Bluetooth Gamep

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Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 Mini VR Glasses:
Immersive VR helmet, give you a hearty visual feast; appearance of small, more compact, but the performance is still strong
Fully immersive, 120-degree FOV. Imported PMMA material, with 35mm focus showing a real view , make you enjoy your private cinema 3d
Humanized design. Higher adjustment precision, more comfortable adjustment button
Suitable for people within 0 - 800 degrees myopia, and 0 - 400 degree hyperopia. Take the VR helmet, by adjusting the focal length, find the best clear point
More comfortable design, relieve fatigue, reduce dizziness
Headband designed to expand the force point, reducing the pressure part of the forehead, effectively easing the fatigue use
Support 4-6 inches mobile phone
Mocute 053 Bluetooth Gamepad Handheld:

Standard Android device (A mode)
In Menu, if left joystick can move cursor, A&X button is enter button , B&Y button is returning key; this means your mobile system can support international standard gamepad, just download game and play directly.(lf can't operate, then refer to part of Android MTK mobile operation)
Game Download:
Scan QR code on the manual to enter into MIGAMEPAD download center, then you can download Newgame or Migamepad game application or third party's game application. e.g. Newgame platform: after entering the Newgame application need to check the menu一gamepad management. whether the connection is successful, you can direct play games in the Newgame center. the m key is i key functions in the Newgame. Note: Newgame application will automatically connect to the Newgame protocol, if change to the other platform operation, please press the HOME button of phone, exit the Newgame platform.MIGAMEPAD Game center have all gamepad games, and support NES/GB/GBC/SFC/SMD/GBA/N64/MAME/PS games. Users can also download simulator BIN files to Games file folder in mobile, then can use MIGAMEPAD software to open the game file, like many famous games: Super Mario, Metal Slug Sangokushi and so on
Android MTK/PC device (Y mode)
Like Redmi 3G version, Huawei Honor3X, CooIPAD, Zhongxing etc, these old style mobiles use MTK CPU, due to MTK bad compatibility, they can't support international standard gamepad agreement. So if by standard Android connection method, unusual problems will happen. We preset MTK mode to support MIGAMEPAD games.ln this mode, the output for the keyboard letters, can be used to set the game on the PC function
Android/iOS VR mode  (A mode)
With this mode just for BaoFeng or other VR application! A is enter button, B is return button, X is menu button, left joystick can move cursor in menu of the app, when playing video with left joystick, up is volume+, down is volume-, left is fast rewind, right is fast forward (Note: in i05 BaoFeng VR App must be set gamepad is MOCUTE option)
For IOS ICade mode (B mode)
Enter into APP store or other Apple store, search  "iCade", then you can find games of iCade which support gamepad, download and install then ok. like Akane Lite, Brotherhood, TTR Premium and so on. Before play games, please set keyboard input mode to English input and can input English letters then ok (Some games maybe need set to use iCade when playing)
For IOS NEWGAME mode (X mode)
Scan QR code on the manual to download NEWGAME Application! then you can use the gamepad to play games in the APP! e.g CF or Herok eu Mode m key is i key function

Package Included:

1 x Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 Mini VR Glasses
1 x Mocute 053 Bluetooth Gamepad Handheld