MC800 DC 3.7-6V 200KV Pulse High Voltage Module High Voltage Generator Ignition Arc 1.5cm

MC800 DC 3.7-6V 200KV Pulse High Voltage Module High Voltage Generator Ignition Arc 1.5cm

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Product Name: high voltage generator

Volume: 40 x 40 x 18mm

Voltage: input DC 3.7-6V, output DC 200KV

Current: input 4A, output 0.5A

Cable length: the input is about 10cm, and the output is about 10cm

Structure: an integral shell

Bipolar discharge distance: about 1.5cm (if exceed, easy to damage)

Use: It is commonly used in high voltage production, electronic DIY, product development, high voltage electronic guard against theft, and so on

Method of use: high output (monochrome thick wire) poles fixed on the discharge within the prescribed distance, low input (dichroic thin wire) red + green - connected with the battery, can produce high voltage arc work.

Input requirements: This product does not need auxiliary circuit, and can be directly used for battery. Input terminal is connected to single 3.7V lithium battery (such as 18650 battery) or Ni Cd / Ni MH battery pack, 4V or 6V lead-acid battery and so on (6V battery can achieve the best effect).

Modules used for attention:

1. The high voltage module should avoid the use of electricity when no load is high. Before switching on, the proper distance of the high voltage wire must be adjusted. The distance between the high voltage wire and the battery is directly proportional to the battery voltage and capacity.

2. When measuring the distance of the arc, it is necessary to test the distance from short to long, and it is forbidden to exceed the longest arc distance. Because the high pressure energy can not be released, it is very easy to damage the module.

3. The power of the module is large, it is not suitable for heat dissipation, so it can not work for a long time.

4. The method of judging whether the capacity of the battery can drive the maximum output power is to measure the voltage of the battery when the arc is drawn. If it is around 6V, the maximum power can be output.

5. The small capacity of the two series lithium 7.2V, arc voltage measurement in the state has fallen to about 4V, the smaller the voltage of the capacity is low. It is recommended to use more than 2000MA of lithium, the best conditions with more than 4000MA battery.

Package included:

1 x High voltage module