LT-HJG0086 Zoom 532nm Green Laser Pointer Black 1*18650(1mw/5mw)

LT-HJG0086 Zoom 532nm Green Laser Pointer Black 1*18650(1mw/5mw)

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Product name: LT-HJG0086 Zoom 532nm Green Laser Pointer Black 1x18650
Model: LT-HJG0086
Material: AA 7075
Zoom: Yes
Surface treatment: Anodic oxide
Wave Length Range: 532nm
Wave Length: 532
Power: 1-200mw
Light distance: 5KM-8KM (depending on the power)
Battery:  1 x 18650(include)
Voltage: DC3V-3.7V
Perfect Working Environment: 15-35??/td>
Switch Type: tail switch
Color: Black
Weight: 155g
Size: 19cm x 5cm x 5cm

1. AA 7075 made, anti-drop
2. Powered by 1x18650, high capacity battery, last about 2 hours
3. Tail switch, power on/off
4. High quality LD and components, enable service time up to 8000 hours
5. Laser module made by fine copper and good cooling ability

1. Open the tail cover
2. The negative of the battery toward the head of the laser, or the laser will be short out
3. Please remove the battery if you do not use it

1. Field travelers / climbers / explorers:
For outdoor adventures. ie. Measure distance, sent out distress signals, enable your travel be more happy and safe
Amateur astronomers:
Used for astronomical refers to the star, green laser is very suitable for used in the observation of stars at night, can accurately indicate the position of the stars.
2. Mining field / construction personnel:  
Used for long-distance accurate instructions/buildings. Avoid danger zone
3. Teaching and tour guide:  
It is an excellent tool for teaching. Ie. Make a PPT presentation, tourist attraction explanation. 
4. Have fun with your pet
Please do not point the light directly to animal’s eyes
5.The laser have better cooling system compared with other 200mW lasers. You can use it to light a match, fireworks and burst balloon. 
6.Please do not power on the laser all the time until the battery power is exhausted, or the laser ‘s service time will be shorter.

Package included:
1 x LT-HJG0086 Zoom 532nm Green Laser Pointer Black 1x18650
1 x 18650 Battery
1 x Battery charger
1 x Stand
1 x Box