Hesunse Single Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch 220V

Hesunse Single Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch 220V

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Input Power:AC180V-245V(50/60HZ)
Max Load Power: 800W (Incandescent)                
                          100w (energy saving lamp)
Material:ABS Plastic
Control Distance:20M-50M
Battery:23A 12V
Is Battery Included:No
IR remote size:64x39x14mm
Receiver size:51x38x20mm

Suitable for all lights.
Energy-saving and environmentprotection
Fast response and long control distance.
Stable performance and strong to resist interference, not obstructed by walls and furniture!
Easy to install and simple to use.
Application:Incandescent,Energy-saving Lamp,Daylight,ceilinglamp,spot light,tube light,crystal lamp,background lamp,frame lamp,cirdine lamp,LED strip,dest lamp,drop lamp.
Characteristic:Double control(wall switch function and control function),safety(the shell applies to the fire-retardant material),easy installation(just wire connection)

Common problems:
1,Is the remote control one to one?If using several switches at the same time,will they affect each other?
Hesunse's remote control each switch have the independent code,so they will not affect each other.
2,If the electricity is back after the blackout, can the light still bright?
Because remote control switch has dual-use design.One is manual,one is remote control.
The electricity is back after the blackout is same as the wall switch turn off and turn on again,so the electricity is back after the blackout,the light will be bright.(If you are out of town, you can turn off the wall switch)
3,Remote signal can through walls?
Hesunse's remote control switch is using radio frequency signal, operation don't need to aim at the receiver.So the signal can through wall.

Package Included:
1X Remote controller
1X Receiver