Diamond Saw Blades Diamond Cutting Disc Cutting 114x1.8x20mm

Diamond Saw Blades Diamond Cutting Disc Cutting 114x1.8x20mm

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Diamond Saw Blades Diamond Cutting Disc Cutting For Stone Ceramic Tile 114*1.8*20mm

Material: Metal alloy
Production process: Sintering


Outter Diameter

Bore Size






Long life to save costs.
Fast cutiing and high efficiency.
Fine glossiness and excelent quality.
Applicable for cutting stone,marble,granite,ceramic tile and other hard brittle materials processing.

Proper use of the principle:
Should be recognized before using the saw blade is broken,if damage is strictly prohibited!All cutting machine must be installed shield.
Indicate the direction of rotation in accordance with saw blade,saw blade fastening installation is prohibited cutting curves,strong cutting thermal cutting.
The operator must use safety glasses,protective masks,overalls,protective shoes,gloves and other PPE.
According to stone,select the appropriate saw blade performance.
Cutting the use of cooling water,water quality,no special requirements,the key to the amount of water must be guaranted,otherwise it will greatly affect the productivity and blade life.
Saw blade during the cutting process blunt,please waste in silicon carbide bricks on wheels or ginding the blade.

Package Included:
1x Diamond Saw Blade